Is this the most outrageous definition of the Second Amendment?

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Is this the most outrageous definition of the Second Amendment?

A workbook used at Grant Middle School in Springfield, Illinois might take the cake for the most outrageous definition of the Second Amendment ever committed to paper. According to the workbook, the Second Amendment affords Americans “the right to certain weapons, providing that they register them and they have not been in prison.” Huh?

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When terrorists become pharmacists

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When terrorists become pharmacists

When you get your prescriptions filled at your local drug store, is a terrorist providing the medications that you and your family consume?

A study by the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism reports that Hezbollah is “already involved in manufacturing and distributing counterfeit medications,” and the U.S. Department of Treasury has blacklisted two Lebanese financial institutions for helping Hezbollah hide illegal drug trade profits.

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UK Hospitals Burned Dead Babies to Heat Buildings, Documentary Reveals

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Now I wonder what the USA did with the over 50 million aborted babies? With Obama and Bush calling for “green” energy, but this is red energy, blood on the hands of women, men, nurses and doctors, along with the state and federal public servants who allow this genocide!

Ipswich Hospital‘Boiler house’ at Ipswitch HospitalJohn Goldsmith

NHS hospitals burned the bodies of dead babies to heat buildings, a documentary into stillbirth and miscarriages has revealed.
Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden took part in a Channel 4 Dispatches investigation to the treatment of parents who lose children during pregnancy.

Filmmakers working on Amanda Holden: Exposing Hospital Heartache discovered that the bodies of thousands of aborted and miscarried foetuses were burned as clinical waste in hospitals across the UK, with some being used to heat NHS buildings.

According to the Telegraph, 10 NHS trusts admitted to burning foetuses with other waste…

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Join protest 4/5, against “Communicators” training people NOT to talk about Christian persecution

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H/T Dorrie

Religious Communicators Council is Training Writers to Deny

the Persecution of Christians

We will hold a silent demonstration on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 11:15 AM to protest the Religious Communicators Council (RCC) meeting in Nashville. It will be silent to demonstrate their lack of reporting persecution of Christians. We will invite the media and issue a press release.

The protest will be held rain or shine. Further details about how to park, signs, etc. will be posted later at


On April 3 – 5 the RCC will hold a national convention at:

The Inn at Opryland, 2401 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN 37214

There is not ONE RCC speaker who will deal with the persecution of Christians. They support the oppressors, and deny the victims.

[Note: I’m looking for up to 3 people to drive with me to Nashville from Grand…

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Is your NHS boss a tax avoider? You’ll soon find out

Westminster Confidential

NHS bosses: subject to tax avoidance inquiry NHS bosses: subject to tax avoidance inquiry

The tax avoidance scandal that shook up Whitehall is soon to spread to the NHS. As reported earlier following the exposure of Ed Lester, the former head of the Students Loan Company, for channelling his salary through a personal service company to avoid paying national insurance and tax at source. The practicewas still going on in Whitehall two years after the event and 125 civil servants who quit have been reported to Revenue and Customs.

Now the NHS is to face the same scrutiny. Reports in Exaro News and Tribune last week highlighted the issue – with the findings now likely to be sooner rather than later.

An inquiry has been ordered by Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, after Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury requested it.

Some two years ago a lesser inquiry – just into board members of NHS bodies…

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