March 29: Two More Deaths

In Venezuela

Two more people were killed overnight as a result of the protests.

In San Cristobal, Tachira, three people were in the process of putting up a barricade when they somehow came into contact with a high voltage electrical wire. Two people were injured, and a man named Alberto Romero died.

Tachira – and San Cristobal specifically – has been the site of the most violent demonstrations. Here is a picture from Tachira, from yesterday:

In Maracaibo, Roberto Annese was killed as a result of a gunshot wound to the chest during a demonstration, according to witnesses. The governor of Zulia state, Francisco Cardenas, says that he died as a result of some kind of explosion. It is being alleged that Roberto was killed by security forces.

Here is a video, taken at around 6:30 AM this morning, at the scene of Roberto’s death. The police have cordoned off the area…

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Gawker – Arrest Climate Change Deniers

American Glob

What comes after the arrests? Special camps? Gas chambers?

This isn’t a joke. This is what the left would do with unchecked power.

I’m not linking the story, go to Gawker if you want to read it. I just want you to see it. This is the left, ladies and gentlemen. These are the same people who claimed the Bush administration was fascist.

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Judge Jeanine slams Obama: Putin’s Been Bitchslapping You Since the Edward Snowden Mess (Video)

Nice Deb

Judge Jeanine unloaded on Obama in her opening statement, Saturday night, saying that he continues to fumble on the world stage, and is singlehandedly bringing about the decline of America as a world power.

She declared that it has been going on since Obama took office with the finger wagging, the red lines, and removing of economic sanctions against Iran, relying on Russia to broker a deal with Syria, letting 4 American die in Benghazi etc.

“Our enemies now see us as weak and are emboldened” she complained. “All while our president trumpets the reduction of our military on the world stage.”

She continued the tongue lashing, “while Obama moves tea cups, Putin is moving soldiers and tanks.”

After noting that he took down the missile defense system in Poland with nothing in return, she asked exasperatingly, “why are you doing this? Do you even know who our enemies are? Do…

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NY State Police Join Sheriffs In Refusal To Enforce “Arbitrary , Unconstitutional” Magazine Ban


NY State Police Update NY SAFE Guide, Will Not Enforce

Seven-Round Mag Limit

Increased Demand For Guns And Ammunition, Leads To Nationwide Ammo Shortage

” Following a federal judge’s ruling in December that the seven-round magazine limit imposed under the New York SAFE Act was “tenuous, straitened, and unsupported” and therefore unconstitutional, state police have updated their filed guide on the controversial law to urge officers not to enforce the arbitrary magazine limit.

  The announcement on the revisions to the New York State Police NY SAFE Act Guide was made on Wednesday and came via the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.

“ The New York State Police have followed the same sensible path taken by the New York Sheriffs’ Association and many local law-enforcement agencies in not enforcing a capricious, ill-conceived and unconstitutional portion of the NY SAFE Act,” stated NYSRPA President Thomas King in a press release.

“ To date, NYSRPA has spent over $500,000 in…

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