FBI Raid Uncovers Thousands Of “Priceless” Native Artifacts From Around The World


FBI Seizes Native American, Other Artifacts At Rural Indiana Home

Cultural Artifacts Donald Miller Indiana

” A team of FBI agents, archaeologists and other experts are confiscating Native American and other artifacts and relics from a collection described as having immeasurable cultural significance from a home in rural central Indiana, authorities said.

  An FBI investigation determined that the homeowner, Donald C. Miller, may have knowingly and unknowingly collected objects in violation of several treaties and federal and state statutes, Special Agent in Charge Robert Jones said Wednesday.

” We know that some of the items were acquired improperly,” Jones said.

  The items, stored in several buildings on the property about 35 miles southeast of Indianapolis, are to be collected, identified and repatriated, he said. Those that properly belong to Miller are being safeguarded, he said. A number of statutes and law may not have been in effect when Miller collected some of the…

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ICYMI – Sharyl Attkisson on the history of the evolving Benghazi timeline

A TowDog

Sharyl Attkisson, a reporter who recently left CBS News over their squelching of her stories, is famous for her unleashing stories on Twitter. Tonight, she did it again.

Former CIA Acting Director Mike Morell was grilled today by the House Intelligence Committee, and Attkisson had a few things to say about his testimony.

You can read her write up here, and her tweets below (which I saved more so I could read them later, but you’re welcome to as well) –

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Sen. Thune: Obama Is ‘Doubling Down’ on Policies Costing Jobs

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

President Barack Obama should be working with Republicans to increase employment rather than “doubling down” on policies that harm it, says South Dakota Sen. John Thune.

Obama is pushing a minimum wage increase to $10.10 an hour, up from the current $7.25, and the AFL-CIO has staged demonstrations this week in favor of the increase.

But Thune, appearing Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” said Obama is betting everything on a policy that the Congressional Budget Office says will cost up to a million jobs and raise prices for consumers.

“Why would we be doubling down on policies that we know are going to cost jobs?” Thune asked.

Obama should instead work with Republican members of the House and Senate who want to create jobs for those who have been unemployed long-term, he said.

Among GOP proposals:

Exempt employers from Obamacare’s employer mandate if they hire…

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How Many Fort Hood-Style Jihad Attacks Must There Be?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

On Monday it came to light that the FBI and the U.S. military were on the hunt for a Muslim Army recruit who was, according to an alert, plotting a “Fort Hood-inspired jihad against U.S. soldiers.”

On Tuesday the FBI insisted that there was no manhunt and that this man was not a threat–even as the man’s purported Facebook page revealed posts indicating his intention to “wage jihad.” That was not the only way that this incident pointed up yet again the inadequacy and wrongheadedness of government and law enforcement officials’ response to jihad terror.

The alert, according to Fox News, states that “a man identified as Booker had told friends of his ‘intention to commit jihad,’” and that Booker “is also known as Muhammad Abdullah Hassan.” He was John Thomas Booker, 19, who was “recruited by the U.S. Army in Kansas City, Mo., in February 2014 and was scheduled to report for basic training on April…

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