Benghazi cover-up was more to protect Hillary than Obama

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

…Ms. Dale said: “What we learned … is that the CIA is a deeply politicized agency.”

And protecting Hillary Clinton seemed a higher priority than protecting Barack Obama.

Morell “took it upon himself to make the changes” in the talking points assembled by CIA professionals, “so that they all pointed toward a kind of crazy demonstration taking place kind of spontaneously,” she said.

“What he did in shaping those talking points and pointing us away from the truth was really serving the [Obama] administration. He helped to create the narrative that was presented and which was wrong and which has misled people and made a travesty out of justice and fairness and truth in this particular absolutely awful case.”

Why, I asked, would Morell seek to protect President Obama — who in 2012 was campaigning for re-election with a claim that he had successfully suppressed terrorism — since Morell’s career…

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Obama Mystery Theater: Stanley Ann’s Passport Renewal of 1968

We the People of the United States

Ann Dunham Soetoro Passport photos  4 of them C We’re going to look at a few pages from Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro’s alleged passport files, which were released under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.  We have many questions about these pages, especially because requests concerning “White House equities”, ever since 2009, “need” to be routed through the White House , as revealed by a recently disclosed memo .

In 2009 the FOIA was effectively rewritten or extra-legally “amended” by former White House Counsel Greg Craig to ensure the White House has hands-on oversight.  One wonders, then, why these particular pages were released to the public and not redacted, as so many other documents have been heavily redacted out of alleged concern for the “privacy” of living people (that being Barack Obama, among others, such as his sister).

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Woman Suspended from her Son’s School for her Stance on Common Core and Helping Son Get the Word Out

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A school in Sacramento, California, has suspended a mom over her stance against Common Core.

You read that correctly, the Mark Twain School in Sacramento has told the mother of a 12-year-old student that she has been suspended for two weeks. Police in Sacramento served the 14-day suspension to Katherine Duran in her home following a disagreement with the school over the soon-to-be enacted Common Core standards.

Duran’s son, Christopher, was not pleased when he learned of his mom’s suspension, telling the local KXTV, “I was outraged.”

The two week suspension was reportedly triggered after the officials charged that Katherine Duran was “disrupting the school.” When asked to clarify what Duran’s disruption was, Gabe Ross, a spokesperson for the school district, told the media, “It appears (she) went a little too far with regards to how she distributed information at school sites, distributing information to children directly.”

But according to Duran…

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Muslim backlash against film will hurt women, says ‘Honor Diaries’ team

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honour diaries imagebot

The cast and production team behind “Honor Diaries,” the new documentary that probes violence against Muslim women including genital mutilation and honor killings, fear a backlash from a prominent American Islamic advocacy group could undermine their cause.

The film showcases nine Muslim women who speak about their experiences with honor practices, forced marriage at young ages and the denial of education. Some of the women are victims or have family members who were victims and describe the painful and up-close realities they endured. The film weaves the experiences of honor violence victims together with commentary from activists and experts.

But the film has run up against sharp criticism from the Council for American Islamic Relations, which has alleged in a social media campaign that it is an attempt to smear Islam.

“It’s completely dangerous and shows their mode of operation: bullying, scapegoating, censoring, avoiding issues.”– Zeinab Khan, appears in…

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Sarah Palin tells Iditarod musher she eats organic but has to shoot it first

Sarah Palin Information Blog

Sportsman Channel news release posted at KVNU Radio:

Sarah Palin Talks About Killing Her Own Dinner

The Sportsman Channel(WASHINGTON) — Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin served up some down-home Alaska charm — and a platter of moose hot dogs and bear-meat chili — on her new reality TV show, Amazing America.

Hosting a television show is nothing new for the former governor, who began her career as a sportscaster for an Anchorage-area TV station and later hosted Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC.

She promises the new show, which premiered Thursday, will be “unscripted, uncensored, unchained.”

“I tell my kids, ‘Yes, we eat organic, we just have to go shoot it first,’” she told her first guest, DeeDee Jonrowe, a veteran Iditarod musher.

“Our meals happen to be wrapped in fur, not cellophane,” Palin said, noting she didn’t realize people actually bought meat until she attended college out-of-state.


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