New revelations about mom killed by Capitol cops


WASHINGTON — First they called her a terrorist threat.

When she turned out to be an unarmed suburban mother, they said she was on drugs.

Now, WND has exclusively learned, without a trace of doubt, that was wrong, too.

WND has also exclusively learned that Miriam Carey was shot in the back of the head by U.S. Capitol Police officers and uniformed Secret Service agents six months ago, on Oct. 3, 2013.

The official police investigation still has not been released. But Carey family attorney Eric Sanders obtained the toxicology and autopsy report on this macabre anniversary.

The report showed there were no drugs in Carey’s system, prescription or otherwise, when she was shot dead.

The report was prepared by Dr. Nikki Mourtzinos of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for the District of Columbia.

After the terror threat was discarded, the media had tried to portray Carey as…

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[VIDEO] Goldberg: Almost No Evidence Obama Wants a Compromise with the GOP

pundit from another planet

The notion that anything the President says would be credible, or relevant, to anyone but a predictable minority of the public, about 35%  — hard core partisan Democrat supporters — is wishful thinking. The rhetorical ‘straw man’ argument remains his favorite device. Campaigning against an imaginary opponent, for hollow applause.

Almost No Evidence Obama Wants a Compromise with the GOP

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