Wake Up Newnan! Gangs Are Here

Bourbon Conviction

April 6, 2014

Recently in my home town of Newnan, Georgia there has been a rash of  shootings. Each incident has two factors that ties them all together. It was black on black crime that occurred in lower income areas of Coweta County.

When I first saw the photographs of the people involved in the shootings, both victims and shooters, my first thought was that this was probably gang related. Especially when I saw the tattoos on some of their necks. These were not your average nice young guy next door types. These were typical black thugs engaging in activity during hours when most normal working folks were in bed asleep or at home with family. One incident even involved a person being shot on the street outside a home where money was being raised for the funerals of two other shooting victims. Big coincidence?

As reported in The Newnan…

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Is Obama a psychopath?


It is safe to say that most politicians these days could be diagnosed with a range of mental conditions, and many would likely be labeled sociopaths or psychopaths.

The terms psychopath and sociopath are often used interchangeably, even by mental health professionals. The symptoms are somewhat consistent between the two: lack of conscience, no moral compass, manipulative, low range of emotions, interpersonally insensitive. The psychopath is deadly. He is well spoken, charismatic, fearless, controlling, socially potent, a habitual liar, calm to a disturbing degree in the face of chaos and cold hearted. He is a master at blaming others.

David Freeman, in an Huffington Post science piece, quotes clinical psychologist Dr. Stout, who points out that though the psychopath may not feel “higher emotions” like love and guilt, they may not have actual consciences, but they study those of us who do – and “simply pretend.”

Psychologists say early signs…

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Networks Refused Prime-Time Slot for President’s Obamacare Speech

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Image: Networks Refused Prime-Time Slot for President's Obamacare Speech

Friday, 04 Apr 2014 09:26 AM

By Melanie Batley

The White House asked major TV networks for a prime-time slot for President Barack Obama’s Tuesday speech proclaiming Obamacare had reached its 7.1 million enrollment milestone, but network officials rebuffed the request.

Citing three sources familiar with the request, Buzzfeed reports that the broadcasters refused to make any accommodation, leaving Obama to host his address in the Rose Garden during the day while daytime talk shows were airing.

People familiar with the request declined to reveal which networks had been approached, according to Buzzfeed.

The Obama administration rarely asks for prime-time broadcast TV slots outside the traditional State of the Union Address, according to Buzzfeed.

Read More: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/networks-prime-time-request-denied/2014/04/04/id/563695/#sthash.14xpyxcM.dpuf

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