A cop is brain dead because this teen says he was bored

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A married police officer and father of four is clinging to his life in Bronx, New York after responding to an apartment fire.
Officer Dennis Guerra and his partner were left trapped after responding to a blaze on Coney Island.

The alleged arsonist in the fire, 16-year-old Marcell Dockery, told authorities he set his fire to his mattress out of boredom. Fellow officers and family members have been left outraged after Dockery exited a Brooklyn station house with a big smile.

Officer Guerra’s mother expressed heartache and anger when speaking about Dockery to the New York Post.

“This is a very tough time for us. Because he was bored, two officers are now fighting for their lives, and one of them is my son,” she said.


What a twisted POS. I hope they put him away for s long time, we don’t need that kind of filth running around…

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Scheme to neutralize 36 states’ votes advances


The National Popular Vote effort, which could see the 14 states with the largest populations decide the presidency, is more than halfway to its goal of legally bypassing the Electoral College established in the Constitution.

Last week, the Maine state Senate voted in support of the plan one week after both houses of the New York legislature overwhelmingly supported it.

Now the governors of both states will need to decide whether to formally back the National Popular Vote, or NPV.

The plan is more than halfway to its goal of electing future presidents via the popular vote, after Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee, an independent, signed on last July.

The NPV campaign seeks to obtain the consent of the majority of the 538 votes in the Electoral College to award its electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote.

Now 10 jurisdictions possessing 136 electoral votes are part…

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‘Change All Passwords’ Warning Issued After Internet Breach

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An alarming lapse in Internet security has exposed millions of passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive bits of information to potential theft by computer hackers who may have been secretly exploiting the problem before its discovery.

The breakdown revealed this week affects the encryption technology that is supposed to protect online accounts for emails, instant messaging and a wide range of electronic commerce.

Security researchers who uncovered the threat, known as “Heartbleed,” are particularly worried about the breach because it went undetected for more than two years.

Although there is now a way to close the security hole, there are still plenty of reasons to be concerned, said David Chartier, CEO of Codenomicon. A small team from the Finnish security firm diagnosed Heartbleed while working independently from another Google  researcher who also discovered the threat.

“I don’t think anyone that had been using this technology is in a position…

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This is What Happens When You Register Your Guns

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This morning he went to his LGS to buy some 12 gauge sporting clays rounds. When the owner of the LGS entered his license on the computer he looked up at him and told him, “I’m sorry, I can’t sell you any shells, both your license and carry permit have been cancelled.” He couldn’t believe it. He asked why and the LGS owner said he didn’t know. He recommended my friend go to the State Police HQ to figure it out.

So he did, and this is what they told him. The attorney he hired to get his concealed carry permit many, many years in the past had been arrested the week before for supposedly presenting falsified documents to the court  in one of the concealed carry cases he brought in front of the judge. The judge not only had him arrested, he nullified all of the carry permits that…

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The Left Has Become Its Own Worst Enemy

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Image by Jon Gabriel

In a recent post at Legal Insurrection, I attempted to answer a question posed by Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal. His question was, Why Can’t The Left Govern?

At the time, I suggested that the left has no interest in governance because all the left knows is activism.

In a new piece at Ricochet, Jon Gabriel addresses the issue much more succinctly…

Liberalism Is Eating Itself

The Democratic coalition was largely built on grievance politics. For decades, progressive leaders divided Americans into subgroups based on race, gender, class, age and sexual orientation. Political leaders were the first to stoke this fire, but educators soon joined in, as did the media, NGOs, big business and popular culture.

This coordinated strategy finally bore fruit with the arrival of the Obama era. Democrats had finally convinced the majority of American voters that Republicans are rich, old, white…

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Frankly, We’re Tired Of Being Demonized…

The Camp Of The Saints

In his latest column for The American Spectator, Ross Kaminsky attempts to defend his belief that majority opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts in the McCutcheon v. FEC was a ‘partial redemption’ for the Justice after his majority opinion in the Obamacare case, which he described as ‘nothing short of a disaster for the nation, and a huge black mark on John Roberts’ legacy.  Mr. Kaminsky spends a good deal of time arguing that we conservatives who are still angry with Roberts and believe he can never be redeemed in his present position are too rigid and that our demands for ‘purity’ are very counter-productive.

An example:

John Roberts’ Obamacare error was larger and vastly more consequential than any error of an average politician or candidate. But the insistence of Republicans, and particularly the most conservative (and often most active and vocal) members of the party base, on…

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