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SAN DIEGO, CA — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke via satellite to attendees of San Diego’s Western Healthcare Leadership Academy on Apr. 11, just days after canceling plans to attend in person. Two protest groups gathered outside the San Diego Convention Center for the conference, but for two different reasons.

One group of 10-15 demonstrators, promoting a single-payer healthcare system, stood across from the Convention Center. While playing a recording of the folk tune “Medicare for All,” the group spoke to passing pedestrians for approximately two hours.

The other protest, directly in front of the Convention Center, included over 40 protestors expressing their opposition to Hillary’s handling of the events surrounding the September 11, 2012attack on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.

Organized by the recently-formed group The Difference Matters, those walking the protest line included Benghazi victim Sean Smith’s mother, Pat Smith, and a…

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God and the bully

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Ever been bullied?

Not nice is it – been there done that I hear you say – and when It comes right down to it I guess we have  all felt it to some degree or at least known about it – Heaven forbid we have even been a bully!

Bullying is not something new – been around for generations and had disastrous effects.

Bullying was certainly around at the time of Jesus – the Pharisees were the “Kings of bullying” in his time – they bullied everyone and certainly didn’t like it when someone like Jesus came along – someone different with a message different to theirs – a message of love, hope and forgiveness instead of laws, rules and damnation.

So here we are in the 21st century and bullying has reached an all time peak or so it seems – we read about it constantly…

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