Senator Introduces Bill to Silence Christians and Conservatives

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Two hundred and fifty years ago, American colonists who criticized King George III would find themselves arrested and thrown into prison. Sometimes they lost their businesses, homes and families because of their sedition to the crown. The colonists had no freedom of speech to criticize the king, parliament or even a British citizen.

When James Madison and George Mason penned the Bill of Rights, there was a reason why they made the freedom of speech part of the First Amendment. It was the right to speak freely and openly criticize the government that was a right they fought for. They knew that in order to have a republic, not a democracy, the freedom of speech was a vital importance to its success. (In a democracy, people don’t need the right for free speech as the people elect their own dictators.)

Over recent years, we have seen our freedom of speech…

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Media Accused of Hollywood Sex Ring Cover-up

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Cliff Kincaid — April 24, 2014

The mother of the alleged victim of a powerful Hollywood pedophile ring says she tried for years to interest the media in the story. Michael Egan’s mother Bonnie Mound said, “I wrote every news channel, every magazine, every talk-show host, everybody, from Oprah to ‘20/20’ to ‘60 Minutes’…. Nobody wanted to do anything because of the high-profile people involved.”
One of those alleged “high-profile people” is defendant Bryan Singer, who is said to have “manipulated his power, wealth, and position in the entertainment industry to sexually abuse and exploit the underage Plaintiff [Michael Egan], “through the use of drugs, alcohol, threats, and inducements which resulted in Plaintiff suffering catastrophic psychological and emotional injuries.”
A member of “Out” magazine’s list of the “Power 50” top homosexuals in the U.S., Singer is a major financial contributor to the Democratic Party. Records of…

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Senators Denounce Obama for Threatening ‘Entire Constitutional System’

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Senators Denounce Obama for Threatening ‘Entire Constitutional System’ By ‘Nullifying’ Immigration Laws


by Tony Lee 24 Apr 2014

On Thursday, 22 Republican senators, including even Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), denounced President Barack Obama in a scathing letter for threatening America’s “entire constitutional system” with his immigration “enforcement review” that threatens to “nullify” the nation’s immigration laws.

“Your actions demonstrate an astonishing disregard for the Constitution, the rule of law, and the rights of American citizens and legal residents,” the senators wrote in a letter to Obama. “Our entire constitutional system is threatened when the Executive Branch suspends the law at its whim and our nation’s sovereignty is imperiled when the commander-in-chief refuses to defend the integrity of its borders.”

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CBS Hits Rick Perry From the Left on BLM Controversy; Immigration

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CBS = Communist Broadcasting System

Norah O’Donnell pursued Texas Governor Rick Perry on Thursday’s CBS This Morning over the controversial land dispute between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the federal government. O’Donnell asked Perry, “What do you make of this standoff? What do you think of Clive Bundy? Do you think what he’s done was a good thing?” When the Republican politician replied that Bundy is a “side story,” and that “rather than sending armed troops….I hope our government officials…use common sense when it comes to these issues of conflict…dealing with something…in a substantially-less confrontational way,” the CBS anchor followed up by spotlighting the rancher’s racially-charged remarks: “Clive Bundy made some very inflammatory racial comments that are reported in the New York Times today. Do you denounce those comments?”

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ABC Notes Sean Hannity’s Support of Cliven Bundy, But Ignores His Condemnation of Bundy’s Racism

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ABC = All Be Communists

For the first time on their weekday evening newscasts, the broadcast networks picked up Cliven Bundy’s standoff with the federal government – but only after Bundy’s racist comments went viral and his conservative supporters denounced them. Amidst what NBC called a “firestorm,” the networks made sure to tie Bundy to the conservatives and Republicans who sympathized with his cause, but were then forced to condemn his racist comments. ABC’s World News aired Fox News host Sean Hannity’s support of the rancher but said nothing of Hannity’s condemnation of his racist words.

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Issa Demands Answers from Holder on DOJ’s Role in IRS Scandal, Networks Do Nothing

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Issa = Do Nothing

On Wednesday Darrell Issa demanded Attorney General Eric Holder answer new questions about the Justice Department’s role in the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups. In a letter sent to Holder, Issa sought answers about a newly released email between former IRS official Lois Lerner and DOJ official Richard Pilger in which Pilger asks Lerner “When you have a moment, will you call me? I’ve been asked to run something by you” and requests who at the IRS “DOJ folks could talk to” about ways to target politically involved non-profit groups.

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Obama’s Muslim Easter and Willful Ignorance

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In his Easter message last Saturday, Barack Obama asserted that the “common thread of humanity that connects us all – not just Christians and Jews, but Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs – is our shared commitment to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.”

Even though he was registered as a Muslim in primary school in Indonesia and recounts in his first autobiography that he got in trouble there for making faces in Qur’an class, Obama apparently recalls little of the contents of the Qur’an. For if he did, he would know that it tells Muslims “take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors” (5:51), calls them “the most vile of created beings” (98:6), and calls the patriarch Abraham an “excellent example” for telling his unbelieving relatives: “There has arisen between us and you enmity and hatred forever unless you believe in Allah and Him alone”…

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Muslim Brotherhood Member Rapes Boy 6 Years Old, for Supporting Anti-Brotherhood Revolution

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Muslim Brotherhood Member Rapes Boy for Supporting Anti-Brotherhood Revolution

By Raymond Ibrahim

A targeted family experiences an unimaginable horror.


A young boy in Egypt, apparently no more than six-years-old, was recently raped by a Muslim Brotherhood member “angered” at the child for singing praises to Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, widely seen in Egypt as the hero of the revolution that saw the ousting of Muhammad Morsi and the Brotherhood in July 2013, and likely Egypt’s next president.

The details, including video interviews with the boy (whose face appears alternatively blotted out or hidden by his hands to protect his identity and dignity) and his father and mother, recently appeared on Egyptian journalist Wael Ibrashi’s television program (the same program that exposed Egypt’s “first sex-slave marriage” and how women were drinking camel urine in connection with Islamic teachings).

The story goes as follows: One day when the boy was singing…

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Where Is The U.S. In Bible Prophecy – Rise Of Islam

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biblee.png Where Is The U.S. In Bible Prophecy?

2014 Trends On The State Of The Bible In America

A study of Americans’ attitudes and behaviors toward the Bible is conducted annually by the Barna Group, in partnership with the American Bible Society on the ‘State of the Bible’ which is effectively a national poll designed to track the country’s shifting perceptions of Scriptures. This year’s poll has revealed 6 key trends or themes around American’s engagements with the Bible……… Click here for full story

party.jpgRise Of IslamMuslim Brotherhood Looks To Impact 2016 US Elections

Is it possible that Islam extremists or their allies could emerge as a political voting bloc in the 2016 U.S elections, powerful enough to constitute a swing vote and even determine the outcome of a closely contested U.S election? Robert Spencer suggests that the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim American Society (MAS) and…

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CNN: Veterans Affairs Hospital Secret List Causes 40 Veterans to Die

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On Wednesday, CNNreportedthat 40 veterans died at the Phoenix VA hospital while waiting on a deceptive “secret list.” Yesterday, Fox Newsreportedthat the same administrator who oversaw the Phoenix VA debacle also oversaw a veterans suicide scandal at another VA facility. The same problems. The same people. And no accountability.

A fatal wait: Veterans languish and die on a
VA hospital’s secret list


It was a year ago this past week that Concerned Veterans for America launched our MillionVetBacklog campaign — our initial call for accountability at Veterans Affairs —  and since then we have made strides down a path to reforming Veterans Affairs. And with this week’s unfortunate news out of Phoenix, the calls for #VAaccountability are growing even louder.

Across the country thousands of CVA Strike Team members are taking action to hold VA accountable; we’re holding rallies, roundtables, phone outreach…

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