The Battle for Bundy Ridge – “Grazed and Confused”

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Does anyone besides me feel like we are living in another day and time? Specifically ancient Rome – the Coliseum – the Christians – the lions – the crowds – the smell of fear and death ….

Setting the record straight – Mr. Bundy’s FULL comments are in text below. The center paragraph, italicized and indented, is the portion Media Matters and the New York Slimes pulled from his remarks in order to draw blood.

As to Mr. Bundy and his family – I suspect they were on their knees last night talking with God asking him to help them stay on message of peace, freedom and liberty.

“and so what I’ve testified to ya’, I was in the WATTS riot, I seen the beginning fire and I seen the last fire. What I seen is civil disturbance. People are not happy, people is thinking they did not have…

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Author: AKA John Galt

A small business owner, a tea party organizer, a son, father and husband who is not willing to sell out the future lives of his children.

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