Buffalo VA region among worst in disability pay delays

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During remarks last Wednesday on the health care scandal at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, President Barack Obama took note of a perceived bright spot.
“We launched an all-out war on the disability claims backlog,” Obama said. “And in just the past year alone, we’ve slashed that backlog by half.”
Yet a review of federal data shows widespread regional disparities in the effort to clear the VA’s backlog in processing claims for disability benefits — and local veterans are among those left behind.
In the 31-county area served by the VA’s Buffalo Regional Benefit Office — covering the western half of New York State from Broome County to Lake Erie — veterans are more likely to face delays in processing disability benefits claims than almost anywhere in the country.
About 61 percent of the 7,254 claims for disability benefits pending as of May 17 in the Buffalo region were…

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China’s Oil Giant At Center Of Corruption Probe

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Posted: 27 May 2014

Grins were on the faces of China National Petroleum executives this week as they celebrated a blockbuster 30-year deal for Russian gas. It was a good day for CNPC, the state-owned colossus at the center of China’s oil and gas webs and one of Eurasia’s biggest energy investors.

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Fla. district rethinks, retracts Bible ban

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image A controversy concerning a Bible ban began when fifth-grader Giovanni Rubeo was told Bible reading wasn’t permitted during “free reading time.” The teacher who instructed Giovanni to “put [the Bible] on my desk” also left a phone message for the student’s father, telling him “those books” – meaning religious books – weren’t allowed in “my classroom.”

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The Labor Union that Runs the Media

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image One of the major speakers at last week’s “New Populism” conference was Larry Cohen, president of the Communications Workers of America (CWA), a labor union which represents on-line writers, reporters, editorial assistants, editorial artists and correspondents at major news organizations.

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China’s paranoia: SWAT given ‘shoot on sight’ orders; commuters frisked as Beijing heightens anti-terror measures

China News

SWAT teams were given the green light by the Public Security Ministry to shoot terrorists on sight, without firing warning shots. Photo: AFP SWAT teams were given the green light by the Public Security Ministry to shoot terrorists on sight, without firing warning shots. Photo: AFP

Beijing subjected rush-hour passengers to an extra layer of security checks and gave orders allowing SWAT teams to shoot terrorists on sight, as it ramped up policing after a string of attacks on the mainland.

This morning, hundreds of passengers queued up in security lines outside nine key subway stations in Beijing, where metro staff were waiting with body-scanning equipment. This marks the second working day since the extra layer of security was put in place last Saturday.

Previously, only bags and luggages were subjected to scans.

Photos taken at rush hour on Tuesday morning at one subway station in northern Beijing showed long-winding queues around crowd barriers, stretching as far as a few hundred metres.

The new measures exacerbated the long waiting times and queues for…

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How can anyone trust or believe what this woman says?

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How can anyone trust or believe what this woman says?

Support of the NY SAFE Act does not play well in Erie County or any of the upstate counties.

Asked if she supported the SAFE Act, Kathy Hochul said: “Yes, I do. I believe that it strikes the proper balance. As everybody knows, I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment – and there are people who support the Second Amendment who also believe it’s reasonable to have background checks. What happens is these issues get hijacked by people on the extremes, but the average gun owner from upstate New York understands that we have to be sure that guns are owned responsibly.”

NRA Backs Hochul
Rep. Kathy Hochul is trumpeted her endorsement from the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund today, noting she’s one of just two New York Democrats to receive the organization’s support.
“Kathy Hochul has a…

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Valve Delays The Touchpad-Happy Steam Machine Controller

Deepak verma

The future of gaming will have to wait. Valve has pushed the Steam Machines’ novel controller release from 2014 to 2015. Essentially, it will be released when Steam thinks its ready and not a minute before. Smart.
Hardware rarely recovers from a rocky launch. The minimum viable product has to be fr
May 28, 2014 at 06:50AM
By Deepak verma

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