Is this azzhat Obama serious??? We have lost Kodak, Xerox, Bausch and Lomb, ect!!!

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manufacturing_thumb_12379.jpgObama designates Rochester as manufacturing hub

Our largest employer is a chain grocery store, Wegman’s, and a hospital, University of Rochester @ Strong Memorial!!

Rochester, N.Y. – The Obama administration has named Rochester one of the first communities that will receive special attention to help them attract global manufacturers.

The initiative is meant to encourage communities to develop long-term strategies to compete for these manufacturers.

It uses the resources of federal departments and agencies to support local economic development plans.

The partnership is another attempt by the administration to boost U.S. manufacturing.

Helping Rochester to make the list – the area’s more than 120 photonics manufacturers and the 500 photonics patents, which were all granted last year alone.

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Obama Secretly Enacts Housing Rule That Will Force Americans Into Living How & Where He Wants

Sword At-The-Ready


Obama’s quiet executive action, of “affirmatively furthering fair housing” (AFFH) will force American Suburbs into becoming Progressive Gulags.

The Warsaw Ghetto.  Labor Camps.  Re-education camps.  The Socialist Utopia requires deconstructing and imprisoning those things the Statists do not like.

Think those are relics of an ancient past?  They are blueprints Obama and his MarxoFascists are now following in order to put the nail in the coffin of Middle Class America by transforming suburbs into State-run gulags.

Obama silently issued a new “executive action” entitled “affirmatively furthering fair housing” (AFFH) without any public disclosure or debate.  This rule is being kept secret for now, but will go into full effect  December 2014, right AFTER the mid-term elections.   This Imperial Decree will force Americans into living how and where the federal government wants them to live.  It will ultimately fine and penalize private property owners into complying with new federal rules that will force them out of their…

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Krauthammer – Obama’s West Point Speech Was ‘Literally Pointless’

American Glob

I’m so glad that I missed Obama’s West Point speech today.

I’ve read the text and watched some clips and it’s clear that he was doing the same old Obama shtick.

Set up straw men and knock ’em down.

I know the whole Obama teleprompter thing has been covered thoroughly but I have to say I was amazed that he used one to deliver this speech. If ever there was a time that Obama should have looked directly at his audience and said something genuine, this was it. In the wake of the VA scandal, he had a golden opportunity to speak to a military audience and convince them he cares but instead he just phoned it in, using the appearance to complain about his critics.

Krauthammer is spot on here…

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Hypocrisy and knee-jerking.

Skin Tickler

Three people killed with a knife, three people killed with a gun.  People refer to it as “the UCSB shooting”.  That pretty much says it all, right there.  Three people were killed in “the UCSB shooting”.  Should we not also be concerned with the “UCSB knifing”?  Why does it only matter when people are killed with a bullet?  Are the deaths of the first three to be blamed on the NRA as well?

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