English football, sexism and money

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This video from England says about itself:

Premier League Boss Richard Scudamore‘s Sexist Emails Left me “Humilated, Belittled and Disgusted”

17 May 2014

Premier League boss Richard Scudamore’s sexist emails left me “humilated, belittled and disgusted” says whistleblower.

The personal assistant who exposed sleazy emails at the Premier League today reveals why she blew the whistle.

By Steven Walker in Britain:

Too much money in English game

Saturday 31st May 2014

Steven Walker looks at the money behind the Premier League and its players representing England in Brazil this summer

When the chief cxecutive of the English Premier League Richard Scudamore keeps his job after email leaks revealed deeply unpleasant sexist remarks weeks before the World Cup, it shows how far the integrity of English football has sunk.

It makes the FA policy statements about sexism, racism and inclusion look like meaningless platitudes. And what kind of message…

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