Earth Tilts, RINOs Notice

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eric_cantorOf course the Earth has shifted on its axis before and establishment Republicans thought it was a backlash against Obama and the Democrats. But last night was different; the establishment had to recognize this as a clear message that people are fed up with Washington.

Fed up with them.

And the one that had to have noticed most was John Boehner’s number one attack Chihuahua, Eric Cantor.


RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — In an upset for the ages, Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia, the second-most powerful man in the House, was dethroned Tuesday by a little-known, tea party-backed Republican primary challenger carried to victory on a wave of public anger over calls for looser immigration laws.

“This is a miracle from God that just happened,” exulted David Brat, an economics professor, as his victory became clear in the congressional district around Virginia’s capital city.

Speaking to downcast…

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