Israel: God’s Timepiece: Shemittah 2015 – The Year of Release & Coming Judgment For America?

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judgement.jpgIsrael: God’s Timepiece

Shemittah 2015 – The Year of Release & Coming Judgment For America?

The Sabbatical year, or Shemittah in Hebrew, provides a year of rest for the farmer and the land, since God commanded that no agricultural activity occur during the seventh year. Many non-Jews first learned about the significance of the Shemittah year while reading the best-selling book,” The Harbinger”, by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. In” The Harbinger”, Rabbi Cahn, reveals that the two greatest financial calamities in American history occurred on successive Shemittah years following the 9/11 Islamist terror attacks on the US ……….. Click here for full story

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Christian Worldview and Issues: Government Union Wants ‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans Fired

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duck%20dynasty.pngChristian Worldview and Issues

Government Union Wants ‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans Fired

A union representing federal employees at Eglin Air Force base in Florida is demanding that two senior management officials be removed from their posts because they put decals on their personal trucks supporting Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson …….. Click here for full story

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Rand Paul uncorks on King Hussein. Minutemen heading back to the border, July Fourth….

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NEW YORK – Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., says there’s one reason for the flood of illegal aliens, especially children, sweeping over Texas, Arizona and other parts of the American southwest: “What we have now is a lawless border.”

And he said there’s one person responsible: Barack Obama.

“President Obama’s executive orders and promises have provided a beacon for more illegal immigrants to get to the United States,” he told WND. “The president bears the brunt of the blame of the current humanitarian crisis of border crossings by thousands of unaccompanied children.”

As WND reported last week, Paul, following a controversial teleconference with the press hosted by the anti-tax activist Grover Norquist, issued a statement that while he favors immigration reform legislation, he considers securing the border to be a first requirement.

“The president needs to secure the border now and stop making statements that have provided motivation for people to…

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