A Time for God ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

A Season for everything used with permission Doorpost VErses on facebook

A time for patience,
and for some rest
a time to let God . . .
do what is best.

A time for endurance,
to run the good race
a time to stop running
and abound in His grace.

A time for serenity,
in the midst of the buzz
a time to find harmony
as God always does.

A time to listen,
and to be still
a time to wait
for His perfect will.

A time for calmness,
when composure is gone
a time for quietness
and to God, be drawn.

A time to trust,
without any fear
a time for the Lord
to bring us near.

A time for the Spirit,
to lead from above
a time to linger
and abide in His love.

A time for silence,
and an open heart
a time for God only
nothing keeping us apart.

A time to lie down,
in pastures green

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People Are Going To Dress Up Like Star Wars Characters In SF Tomorrow To Protest Google

Deepak verma

No one protests like San Francisco.
The scene: Tomorrow, outside of Google’s I/O conference, an assemblage of protestors will dress up like Star Wars characters to decry Google and the economic impact of the technology industry. The goal, the group told TechCrunch in an email, is to highlight risin
June 25, 2014 at 05:19AM
By Deepak verma

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Arizona Veterans Affairs Office is accused of trying to hide the number of veteran deaths

America's Watchtower

  The Phoenix Veterans Affairs Office is at the heart of the secret waiting list scandal for it is there that this story first came to light. Since that time it has spread to other offices across the nation but now it returns once again to Arizona.

  There is only one thing worse than long waiting lists and that is a long list of veterans who have died while waiting for treatment so now according to this story a whistleblower is claiming the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Office is trying to hide the number of deaths related to this scandal by adding the names of dead veterans back onto the waiting list.

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