Massachusetts Governor Signs Radical Bill Prohibiting Pro-Life Free Speech

What Did You Say?

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 7/30/14

massachusetts2Despite the fact the nation’s highest court took the state of Massachusetts to task for passing a law curtailing the free speech rights of pro-life advocates, the Bay State is again trying to suppress them.

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Jefferson’s writings in the Introduction of koran touted by Obama and Rep Mohammed Ellison – “Islamist law is contemptable!”


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You Think Thomas Jefferson Embraced the Koran? Think Again!

“You will not believe what they believe, you will have CONTEMPT for Islamic Law” Thomas Jefferson

You may think the rising tide of radical Islam is a relatively new thing, especially as it relates to America, but it is not.

America and the Barbary Pirates:
An International Battle Against an Unconventional Foe

by Gerard W. Gawalt
Gerard W. Gawalt is the manuscript specialist for early American history in the Manuscript Division, Library of Congress.
“The ruthless, supremely committed element of radical Islam we face today are not new to the United States of America.
More than two hundred years ago the newly established United States faced Muslim pirates that were the scourge of the Mediterranean Sea and a significant area of the North Atlantic. Their practice was…

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We Never Tried To Impeach Bush, Says Democratic Lawmaker Who Co-Sponsored Bush Impeachment Bill

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[Lying ass!] “We did not seek an impeachment of President Bush, because as an executive, he had his authority.”

dumb bitchWith Video:

[Dumb Bitch] Texas Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee argued Wednesday the Republican effort to sue President Obama is nothing but a veiled attempt to impeach him — something Democrats never did to President George W. Bush:

I ask my colleagues to oppose this resolution for it is in fact a veiled attempt at impeachment and it undermines the law that allows a president to do his job. A historical fact: President Bush pushed this nation into a war that had little to do with apprehending terrorists. We did not seek an impeachment of President Bush, because as an executive, he had his authority. President Obama has the authority.

Except former Rep. Dennis Kucinich did actually introduce a bill to impeach Bush in 2008 — and Jackson Lee actually…

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Shaneen Allen: The Cruelty Of New Jersey Authorities

Stately McDaniel Manor

Shaneen Allen and her children Shaneen Allen and her children

Regular readers, being among the best-informed Americans–not because of me, but because you demonstrate your acumen in comments every day–have surely heard of Shaneen Allen, the 27 year-old single mother of two arrested for daring to carry a handgun in her vehicle during a brief trip to New Jersey. Allen, who, rather than living on the tax dollars of others, works two jobs to support her boys, is now facing a felony conviction and up to ten years in a New Jersey prison.

At The Truth About Guns, my latest article about this warped morality tale is available. It focuses not only on the injustice of Allen’s treatment, but on the enormous discretion available to the police and prosecutors. The police had more than sufficient power to allow Allen to leave, unmolested. The prosecutors have more than sufficient power to drop all charges…

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Obama: Troll Hard with a Vengeance

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This week, as I have been predicting for months, President Barack Obama announced that he would be considering unprecedented executive action to provide legal status for millions of illegal immigrants. His goal is not to solve the immigration crisis — you don’t grant legal status to 5 million illegal immigrants, then leave the back door wide open if you’re interested in solving the problem. His goal is not to help illegal immigrants — he instead leaves them in limbo by granting them temporary work permits, rather than blanket amnesty.

His goal is trolling.

Trolling is a practice whereby a person takes a deliberately indefensible position simply to draw passionate excess from an opponent. That is Obama’s goal here: He hopes for extreme language, impassioned opposition and eventually, impeachment.

This administration is hungry for impeachment. While no Republican leader in Congress has given even a smidgen of credibility to impeachment talk…

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Revisiting a gruesome black-on-white crime.

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Another Travesty of Justice: Carr Brothers Given Leniency

July 30, 2014 by Jack Kerwick


In December of 2000, within the span of less than a week, two brothers, Reginald and Jonathan Carr, engaged in a series of crimes in Wichita that Kansans recognize as among the worst in their state’s history.

First, they abducted and robbed assistant baseball coach Andrew Schreiber. Three days later, the Carrs set their sights upon 55 year-old librarian and cellist, Ann Walenta: they shot and killed Walenta as she attempted to flee them in her automobile.

But it wasn’t until three days after this murder that the Carrs’ campaign of evil reached its horrifying climax.

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