Homeland Security Agents Raid Home to Seize Land Rover For Violation of EPA Regulations

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Protecting America from the deadly threat posed by vehicles which flout emission standards
(Infowars) – In another example of how the Department of Homeland Security has expanded far outside the purview of its original function, six vehicles full of DHS agents were required to seize a Land Rover from a couple in Statesville, N.C. due to the fact that the vehicle allegedly violates EPA emission standards.
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U.S. attorney warns Cuomo over Moreland Commission

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I agree, Cuomo broke the law and is covering it up!!

NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) – The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York is reportedly warning Gov. Andrew Cuomo that he will investigate his administration for possible obstruction of justice or witness tampering in connection with the Moreland anti-corruption commission.

The New York Times reports that the letter from U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara to the lawyer for the commission says, in part: “We have reason to believe a number of commissioners recently have been contacted about the commission’s work, and some commissioners have been asked to issue public statements characterizing events and facts regarding the commission’s operation.”

In 2013 Cuomo, a Democrat, created the state panel to investigate public corruption, called the Moreland Commission. But the governor is accused of interfering with investigations and compromising the commission’s work.

The letter goes on to say: “To the extent anyone…

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Brockport, New York: Strong looking at expansion

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text size Strong West reveals Brockport campus renovations

Updated: Friday, August 1 2014, 06:29 PM EDT

Brockport, N.Y. – UR Medicine held a ribbon cutting Friday at the newly renovated Brockport Campus of Strong West.

The facility now features a new entrance, lobby and a same-day surgical center.

Hospital administrators said since Lakeside Memorial closed last spring, they have been working to bring 24 hour care back to the area.

“A lot of work as gone into that, preparing that, getting that ready to provide the services that the community needs locally. Providing the subspecialty services without having to go outside of the community,” said Dr. Michael Kamali, chair of the emergency medicine department.

An off-campus emergency department is also in the final stages of approval.

Read More at: http://13wham.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/strong-west-reveals-brockport-campus-renovations-14448.shtml

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New York State: Casino bills can be viewed online

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WHAM Rochester News

NY puts casino applications online August 01, 2014 15:54 EDT

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — People can now examine the 17 proposals to build casinos around upstate New York with a click of a mouse.

State gambling regulators said Friday that they have posted each of the applications on their agency website. The applications run for thousands of pages, though certain financial details aren’t subject to the open records law have been redacted.

The developers behind the applications are hoping to win one of up to four casino licenses set to be awarded for three different regions. The licenses will be divided among the Albany-Saratoga area, the Southern Tier-Finger Lakes region and the Catskills and mid-Hudson Valley.

A state board is now reviewing the applications and is expected to make a decision this fall.

The applications are posted at http://www.gaming.ny.gov/gaming/casinos.php

Read More at: http://13wham.com/template/inews_wire/wires.regional.ny/32f956a4-www.13wham.com.shtml#.U9wfiqOB-8E

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Trophy Children, Ctd

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A reader sends the above video:

I’m firmly with those who feel that “trophies for everyone” devalues achievement. It also lessens the drive that comes from a “Just Wait ‘Til Next Year” mentality. But don’t take my word. Tanner and Timmy Lupus can demonstrate.

Another argues that the evidence supports the opposite approach:

We probably should be awarding trophies based on effort, not performance. The well-established psychological research of Carol Dweck and others says that kids will continue to work hard if they believe that hard work pays off, but they will give up easily if they have a fixed theory of ability, meaning they think they are either innately good or bad at something. Kids with an fixed theory of ability give up when they encounter obstacles because they assume that they are just innately bad at that particular task. These mentalities persist into adulthood. This is why we should reward kids…

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