Christians are far less likely to divorce…..Are you surprised?

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Christian are far less likely to divorce……..

They commit fewer crimes, murders, embezzlements, than the general American public as well…..and are probably more tolerant of other relatively non-violent peoples as well. All of my life I have found them far more decent, unthreatening, most devoted to learning truth, tolerant live and let live human animals as a collection I have ever met……as the Lutherans and Roman Catholics in their midst helped me become one of the luckiest aging humans I have ever known.

Why would anyone be surprised? Do we need a Harvard study to suggest approval? Christians most likely have raised the most decent Goodfearing nation in history. now in its stages of decline with the present revolutionary Bill Ayers devious, untrustworthy Marxist crowd now running the White House.

Christian Mark Waldeland sent the following article:


by Matt Barber at Townhall:

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Gov. Palin: Liberals have no shame

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Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page today:

Sarah Palin
Gov. Perry indicted: Everything’s big in Texas, even this B.S….

Here is Governor Palin’s op-ed at FOX News:

Gov. Perry indicted: Everything’s big in Texas, even this B.S.

By Sarah Palin     Published August 17, 2014 

 Remember Barack Obama telling his followers to always “bring a gun to a knife fight”? Like good subjects do, his supporters in Texas obeyed. Friday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry was indicted on two counts of abuse of power.

This ridiculous politically motivated “indictment” of Governor Rick Perry stems from the ugly thug tactics of the “politics of personal destruction” that the left is known for. They draw blood and leave scars on conservatives who threaten their political power, hoping the threat retreats and hoping his or her base of support remains silent in fear of becoming collateral damage.


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NY Post For The Win!


A couple years ago the NY Post headline writer retired, I think he figured once he did a bunch of “cannibal maniac” headlines he figured there was no place to go but down.

It’s nice to see the successor is keeping up the tradition.

NY Post Win


Via the Outrider

My favorite is is still the one featuring famous dog-murderer Michael Vick


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Go Girls! Meet ISIS Worst Nightmare:All-Female Battalion Of Kurdish Fighters armed with AK-47s

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