Police State Out of control

Chastisement 2014

NewsChannel 13 (Alb, NY) Crew Threatened with Arrest for Filming
(Video Credit NewsChannel 13) ….

WILTON – A NewsChannel 13 crew was threatened with arrest on Thursday.


It happened as they were working on a story about the historic Grant Cottage in Wilton where President Ulysses S. Grant spent his final days.

The cottage is located on Mount McGregor near the now-closed correctional facility. Corrections employees who are still working at the empty prison made every attempt to stop Mark Mulholland from doing his job.

He says in more than 20 years in the business, he’s rarely encountered anything quite like this.

Grant’s Cottage is located at the top of Mount McGregor. Wednesday was the 129th anniversary of the death here of President Ulysses S. Grant.

NewsChannel 13 shot some of the re-enactment yesterday and Mark and his crew were assigned to go back there Thursday to get some…

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I Just prayed for you.


I just prayed for you that the Lord’s Presence will be very real to you today to guide and protect you from all evil.

Paris, Ile-de-France
Melbourne, Victoria
United States
Billings, Montana
Let me know by LIKE if you are there now.
Thank you for your support here.

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Source: Flight en route to Liberia to evacuate Americans infected with Ebola

Taking Back America

From CNN
July 31, 2014   |     By Chelsea J. Carter, Ben Brumfield and Jacque Wilson


  • The patient will be cared for in an area isolated from other patients, officials say
  • One of the two infected Americans will be taken to hospital in Atlanta, officials say
  • Medical charter flight leaves Georgia to evacuate infected Americans, source says
  • Two American charity workers are described in stable, but grave condition

(CNN) — The fear began just after news broke Thursday that a long-range business jet with an isolation pod left the United States for Liberia, where it will evacuate two Americans infected with Ebola.

Twitter exploded with questions about the deadly virus, which according to the World Health Organization is believed to have killed hundreds in four West African nations. And with reaction to news that two infected Americans would soon be on their way back to the United States.


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