Songs of the Summer on YouTube: ‘Fancy’ Wins, ‘Gangnam Style’ Is No. 5

Deepak verma

Fancy. Wiggle. Problem. Rude. Happy. Anaconda
Songs with titles containing only one word ruled summer playlists, especially on YouTube, where they were among the most-streamed videos from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
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September 08, 2014 at 07:30AM
By Deepak verma

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What Love & Unity Looks Like – How These People Are Helping Change the World


What Love & Unity Looks Like – How These People Are Helping Change the World

(Collective Evolution) Between August 21st and 24th, thousands of Canadians gathered in Ottawa to take part in the countries first Peoples’ Social Forum – an event of workshops, education, networks, and conscious evolution.

As part of the event, a unified march was organized towards parliament hill to bring together people from multiple perspectives who are passionate about choosing to be the change they wish to see.

The Best Way For People To Vote?

As the saying goes “don’t complain about how things run unless you vote.” Why this isn’t an inaccurate statement is because voting typically does nothing to change anything for the people. It’s like someone telling you a microwave can fix your car for you. Obviously it’s not going to work because it…

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