CognitivePolicyWorks: A Direct Critique of the Gates Foundation on Misuse of Frame Analysis

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Last week, this was published and is now creating waves around the world among NGO’s working on poverty and inequality.4bcb069a-c3e5-45a9-ae71-d542dfd276ff.png

We sent a letter to the CEO’s of the largest organizations working in this space… a direct critique of the Gates Foundation and its attempt to co-opt the entire sector.
Read the Letter and Get the Report Here

Included in this link is a frame analysis I conducted of the Gates Foundation’s 2014 Annual Letter that reveals with powerful clarity how a neoliberal agenda is being advanced under the guise of ending poverty.

Please share far and wide. Also, please join the global discussion and tell us how you think we should collectively proceed to address these systemic threats to our civilization.

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