Be Aware: ISIS Targeting Schools, Malls, and Power Grid on 9/11?

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Last week WorldTruth.TV published an article titled ’22 Jihad Training Camps in the US – FBI Refuses to Take Action’ and 4 days ago we also published the article titled ISIS TO ATTACK ON 9/11/2014 !! FOX PUTS OUT AN ARTICLE THEN DELETES IT FROM THE WEBSITE‘ and now more information is coming across the internet.

As the ISIS threat increases and our borders stand weakened, new information has surfaced on Steve Quayles website about these possible coming attacks. Here is the official alert from his site:

MAJOR HEADS UP–’Middle East’ looking man videotaping the school from inside a van. WENDELL

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Mystery Virus EV-D68 Exploding Among Vaccinated Children

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Non-Polio Enterovirus

– Enterovirus D68

Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) is one of many non-polio enteroviruses. Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) infections are thought to occur less commonly than infections with other enteroviruses. EV-D68 was first identified in California in 1962. Compared with other enteroviruses, EV-D68 has been rarely reported in the United States for the last 40 years.

cleardot.gifSelect Languagsick_child

The rapid explosion of mystery virus EV-D68 is sending hundreds of children to hospitals across Missouri, Colorado, Kansas, Utah and eight other states. “In Kansas City, about 475 children were recently treated at Children’s Mercy Hospital, and at least 60 of them received intensive hospitalization,” reports CNN. (1)

CNN goes on to report:

“It’s worse in terms of scope of critically ill children who require intensive care. I would call it unprecedented. I’ve practiced for 30 years in pediatrics, and I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” said Dr. Mary Anne Jackson, the…

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37 Lies Americans Tell Themselves To Avoid Confronting Reality

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Have you noticed the incredible detachment from reality exhibited by the masses these days? The continued operation of modern society, it seems, depends on people making sure they don’t acknowledge reality (or try to deal with it). “Denial” is what keeps every sector of civilization humming along: medicine, finance, government, agriculture and more.

The trouble with the denial approach is that eventually the lies collide with reality. Until that day comes, however, happy-go-lucky Americans are merrily enjoying their courtship with self delusion, repeating the following 37 lies to themselves as if they were true:

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Ted Nugent Urges Americans to Ammo up Against ‘Allahpuke Zombies’ – Liberals Not Amused

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Conservative rabble-rouser Ted Nugent has generated a new wave controversy after urging Americans to “ammo up” in preparation for a 9/11 anniversary attack from “4th world allahpuke zombies.
In a fiery Facebook post, Nugent cautioned Americans to prepare for surprise attacks from jihad “allahpukes,” offering some simple advice: “Killemall” with “two to the head,” The Raw Story reported.
The full post said:

9-11-14 is the day of infamy again. Unarmed & helpless Americans and Europeans will be viciously ambushed when they least expect it, and the death toll will be more brutal and widespread than all the peace & love dreamers could ever imagine. Those who carry guns had better gun & ammo up no matter where you go, carrying at least 10 spare mags or 10 spare speedloaders because the allahpukes are confident they will once again methodically slaughter walking cowering whining cryin helpless sitting ducks capable…

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Benghazi Security Contractors: About 25 Americans are Still Alive Because we Broke ‘Stand Down’ Order

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The Obama administration, the CIA, and even some congressional committees—they all said there “was no ‘stand down’ order.”

But now five men who helped ward off the terrorists that attacked U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya two years ago say it’s only because they defied such an order that as many as 25 Americans are alive today.

“There’s quite a few—the soft-skins, we call them, or the non-shooters,” Kris “Tanto” Paronto, one of the security contractors that fateful evening, said in a phone interview on early Monday afternoon. “They’re all still working. I can’t give their names out or give their call signs out. The only ones I can are like me and Oz and Tig who have come out. We’re all on board with the project and we are all a team together, but some want to remain anonymous.

“As far as the numbers, you’ve got—and I’m going to…

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REPORT: Border Patrol Caught Wanted Terrorists Coming Over the Border, Kept it Quiet

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As Democrats and establishment Republicans continue to try and frame illegal immigration as an ethical debate that obliges American citizens to welcome anyone and everyone into our country, what is, too often, absent from the conversation is honesty about the danger such lawlessness provides.

The ranches of the South and Southwest are under siege by a massive influx of illegal immigrants streaming across the border and as lawmakers and supposed law-enforcers in Washington earn political points by crusading for those who come here in violation of our laws, few appear interested in the plight of American citizens terrified by the invasion at the border.

According to Texas rancher Cuban “Rusty” Monsees, Mexican drug cartel members are wreaking havoc on the ranches near the border and using death threats and textbook intimidation to drive ranchers off their land.

In an interview with Oathkeepers, Monsees revealed:

“We get kids. We get adults…

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September 11 Memorial Show – Holger Awakens on Blogtalk Radio, Wed Sept 10, 2014

US handing out Mexico Passports, SS Cards, and Section 8 Housing, all in 1 day…

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Mike keeps uploading the videos and facebook keeps deleting them, why are they afraid to show the people the truth of what is happening???

Several weeks ago I was made aware of a bus of illegal invaders at the Social Security Office here in Memphis. I went to check it out for myself and couldn’t believe what I saw. A bus load of Illegal Invaders with Mexico Passports, and Visas, being issued Social Security Numbers. At the time I was unsure if they were there for money or something else. What I’ve learned is that they were issued the passports at the border as they crossed and then at our “The Tax Payers Expense” driven all day and night to the Social Security Office in Memphis to be issued SSN’s.

We know that every swing county in every swing state in America had far more people vote in the last…

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