The Wonderful Moment a Mother With Alzheimer’s Disease Remembers Her Daughter

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Some videos have need be watched. This is one of those videos.

On Friday, Aug. 29, Kelly Gunderson posted a clip (below) of a conversation with her 87-year-old mom, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

“[My mother] knew who I was, even if just for a moment,” Gunderson wrote on YouTube.

At the :32 mark, you hear Gunderson say, “I love you, Mama.”

“And I love you,” she replies.

“Do you know who I am, though?” Gunderson asks. Then, some wonderfulness happens.

Take a look:

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When You Hear What the Brown Family Attorney Said About Officer Wilson’s Injuries, You’ll be Dumbfounded

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September 9, 2014 By

Ferguson Press Conf
Supporters of Michael Brown in Ferguson are still calling for action against Officer Darren Wilson before a full investigation is even completed. On Tuesday, they held a rally in front of the Ferguson Police Department during which they found themselves confronted with facts in the case that many want to simply ignore.

TheGateway Pundit  broke the exclusive story from reporter Adam Sharpe. Leading the rally was Brown family attorney Anthony Gray. The transcript of their exchange is below the video. (article continues below)


From the video:

Brown attorney: You cannot look the other way when the culprit is someone in your own police department or your own back yard. Any questions?Pot Stirrer of the Year Candidate

Reporter Adam Sharp: Is it true that Officer Wilson suffered facial fractures?

Attorney: That’s nothing that I’ve heard. I haven’t seen anything on it.

Reporter Sharp: There are numerous reports…

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Rare mushroom in the Netherlands for first time

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Crepidotus cinnabarinus between Crepidotus mollis fungi, photo by  Ieko Staal)

This photo shows the rare reddish mushroom Crepidotus cinnabarinus between not so rare white Crepidotus mollis fungi; photo by Ieko Staal.

The Dutch mycological societyreports today about Crepidotus cinnabarinus, a fungus which is rare all over Europe and North America.

That species had never been seen in the Netherlands. Until 28 August 2014, in the Hulkesteinse bos woodland in Flevoland province. Six days, later on 3 September, it was found in Zeeland province as well.

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