Pepperoni pizza made with french fries crust is a delicious way to die

Deepak verma

There have been many attempts to make this right, but it seems that everyone has failed until now. Or at least claims the inventor of the pepperoni pizza with french fries dough, who says that everyone else has failed to make the french fries base correctly:Read more…
September 12, 2014 at 07:10AM
By Deepak verma

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Gov. Palin: Never Forget

Sarah Palin Information Blog

Governor Palin posted this photo on Facebook today:

Here is an excellent article about the 9/11 commemoration in New York City today:

9/11 victims’ families and New Yorkers commemorate 13th anniversary of terrorist attacks

Family members of the Sept. 11, 2011 attacks and the 1993 WTC bombing commemorated those who died with a reading of the names at the 9/11 Memorial on the 13th anniversary of those attacks. Moments of silence were also being held throughout the day to mark key moments during the 9/11 attacks.

Published: Thursday, September 11, 2014, 8:27 AM
Updated: Thursday, September 11, 2014, 1:27 PM
Firefighter Tom Engel with Ladder 133 plays 'Taps' at the end of memorial observances.

There are two photogalleries on the website that can be accessed here.

Thirteen years after the darkest day of his life, Philip Hayes trekked to the city all the way from…

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Verse of the Day – Ephesians 2:13

The Bottom of a Bottle

Ephesians 2:13 Ephesians 2:13

I guess there was a time when I was so far away, but through Christ I now have that unbelievable closeness to God.

Oh to be like Adam
In the coolness of the day
Walking there beside You
And see the pleasure on Your face
Love so amazing
The king of heaven holds my hand

And oh to be like Moses
To see You in the flames
To bow in fear and trembling
And hear You gently call my name
And in spite of all my weakness
You love me just as I am, as I am

Ever close to you
Jesus keep me ever close to You
Wherever I may go
In everything I do
Jesus keep me ever close to You

Like the woman on her hands and knees
Crawling through the crowd
Reaching out to touch…

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Lesson of Time-Karma

Endless Light and Love


I found this image really fascinating and it got me thinking about Karma again. We often forget the old saying ‘What goes around, comes around’ or ‘Karma’ as it is better known in the east. We carry on with our busy daily lives, constantly pushing forward; our days and nights tracked by the clock, no time to think, no time to eat, no time for exercise, no time for anyone or anything else except for our need to succeed.
We trudge along day in day out forgetting about others as we push headlong towards the life of greatness that we all believe we need. I’m sure you also see this going on either with yourself or by people around and close to you….

But for what?

What is important to you?… take a few moments to think what is really important to you and your life, is it achieving the…

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Man Accused of “Terrorist Threats” for Posting Heavy Metal Lyrics on Facebook

Deepak verma

Posting the lyrics of a song on Facebook could send you behind bars. That’s what happened to a Kentucky man who has been jailed and accused of terrorists threats for posting the lyrics of a metal song to Facebook.
James Evans, a 31-year-old from Central City, Kentucky, posted the verses of the Exodu
September 11, 2014 at 05:06PM
By Deepak verma

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