Four Men in Two Cities Killed in Acts of Islamic Jihad; Media, Obama, and Holder Silent

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Radio Host Says Brendan Tevlin Murder Is Evidence of Domestic Terrorism

Ali Muhammad Brown pleads not guilty in the murder of Brendan Tevlin at the Essex County Court House in Newark, N.J., on Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014. Brown is one of three suspects charged in the death of Brendan Tevlin on the night of June 25. Tevlin was a student at the University of Richmond. Brown was wanted by police in Seattle in the shooting deaths of two young men. He faces aggravated murder charges there and could face the death penalty if convicted. (AP Photo/The Star-Ledger, Frances Micklow, Pool)

New York radio host Todd Pettengill is pointing to the alleged revenge killing of a 19-year-old man from Livingston, New Jersey, as evidence that “domestic terrorism is already here.” Further, he argues, the “act of jihad” is not getting nearly enough media coverage.

On his radio show this week, Pettengill called for increased focus on the murder of Brendan Tevlin, who…

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2 thoughts on “Four Men in Two Cities Killed in Acts of Islamic Jihad; Media, Obama, and Holder Silent”

  1. We all know that there are more killings like this everyday in America! Muslim crap kill wifes or daughters in following the instructions from the Koran! And get off! But where are Americans that can also do the same!? Stop muslims by doing what we have the DUTY TO DO! The duty to protect our country from ALL ENEMIES !!! FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC !!! That time has come! Will you act when your wife, mother, sister, daughter or any family member is killed?

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