For Gun Shop Owners, Lawmakers Throw Lig ht on Secretive ‘Ope ration Choke Point’

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For Gun Shop Owners, It’s No Longer Hip to Be ‘Square’

‘A small credit card reader that offers big possibilities.”

Jennifer Kerns was the communications strategist for the Colorado recalls. She previously worked for the California Republican Party and served as spokeswoman for the Proposition 8 marriage initiative.

It’s white. It’s square. And at 1-by-1 inch in diameter, it is the perfect accoutrement to any entrepreneur’s smartphone.
With its quick swipe capability and ultimate portability, the high-tech Square Reader credit-card processor has become an invaluable tool in today’s economy.

How high-tech credit card vendors and customers get their Second Amendment rights infringed.

Taxi drivers use it—as do trade-show vendors, online retailers and home contractors.
It is, as the company’s slogan says, a “small credit card reader” that offers “big possibilities.” But some of those big possibilities are apparently being foreclosed by the Obama administration.
Last summer, around the same time…

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