The Silent Intifada

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Posted: 06 Oct 2014 01:47 AM PDT

…The world watches Israel as it watches no other nation. One false arrest, one injury or death of an Arab during attempts to make arrests, will result in headlines and international protests. It feels safer to go easy. But it is exceedingly important for Jews to make their presence known in all parts of Israel’s capital; and they must be able to do so free of harassment or physical risk. Protecting its citizens is a primary responsibility of the government.

Arlene Kushner..
06 October ’14..

The perpetrators in the main of the new silent intifada are male Arabs, mostly young, with Jerusalem residency cards. They have the right to live in Jerusalem, and receive the perks of citizens, but – tellingly – for political reasons have declined to become full citizens.

With increasing frequency in recent weeks, they are out…

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More Dr. Shafiq & Paul Sutliff Exposes his Taqiyya by Paul Sutliff

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Dr. Shafiq vs. Me

By Paul Sutliff
Radio Guest Speaker on the Muslim Brotherhood
Posted September 17, 2014
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Last night, Dr. Mohammad Shafiq was a guest speaker at St. John’s on Humboldt Street. He was invited to talk about ISIS. He talked for a little over 45 minutes. But only addressed ISIS for a total of 14 minutes. Another speaker who was a Presbyterian minister called Shafiq his teacher also spoke on the topic.

Dr. Shafiq started the conversation by explaining what ISIS means. This was interesting considering an Arabic Muslim stated that it meant, “the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.” But, Shafiq then stated the name in Arabic saying “Sham.” Dr. Shafiq never shared how the name Sham is used by our President to mean an area much broader than Syria. He did however explain what Levant means listing the countries it would cover today. He…

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Wow! Obama SENDS NOTE Praising Oklahoma Mosque AFTER BEHEADING (Video) by Jim Hoft

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Alton Nolen, who goes by the Muslim name of Jah’Keem Yisrael, beheaded 54 year-old Colleen Hubbard in the front office of Vaughan Foods after he was fired. Nolen stabbed a second victim several times.
jahkeem yisrael
Nolen was a member of the The Islamic Council of Oklahoma mosque. His Facebook page shows several photos of Jah’Keem interacting at “the Islamic Mosque in Oklahoma City.” (Truth Revolt)
Alton Nolen was “shouting Islamic phrases” during the bloodbath.
Now there’s this…
Barack Obama sent a special note of praise to the Oklahoma mosque after the beheading.
KFOR reported, via Jihad Watch:

See Video and Read More:

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For The First Time, Russia Has More Deployed Nuclear Warheads Than U.S.

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warheads.jpgWhere Is The US In Bible Prophecy?

For The First Time, Russia Has More Deployed Nuclear Warheads Than U.S.

For the first time, Russia, which is in the midst of a major strategic nuclear modernization, has more deployed nuclear warheads than the United States, according to the latest numbers released by the State Department ……..

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College Orders Student To ‘Dumb Down’ Religious Show

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coll.jpgChristian Worldview and IssuesCollege Orders Student To ‘Dumb Down’ Religious Show

The folks in the drama department at Cape Fear Community College are just fine with staging productions about rape and incest. But when it comes to staging a show with Christian themes – well, that’s a problem………

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KURDS BLAST OBAMA For Sitting Back & Letting Kobane Fall to ISIS

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KURDS BLAST OBAMA For Sitting Back & Letting Kobane Fall to ISIS
avatarShared by
ن Rose
thumbnailwww­ – An ISIS flag flies on a building on the eastern side of Kobani (Kobane), Syria. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) raised on Monday its black Islamic flags on a building on the eastern side…

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Maher and Harris Educate Affleck about Islam

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By Mark Tapson

Yet another leftist actor reveals his ignorance.

dsI don’t usually stand with comedian Bill Maher, but last week on his Real Time program the provocateur once again was a voice of reason addressing the Islam Problem. His guests were atheist author Sam Harris, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, and actor/director Ben Affleck of the Oscar-winning Iranian hostage crisis flick Argo. As you might expect from such a lineup, the discussion swiftly degenerated into the usual stalemate between facts and politically correct defensiveness.
“Liberals need to stand up for liberal principles,” opened Maher, “freedom of speech, freedom to practice any religion you want without fear of violence, freedom to leave a religion, equality for women, equality for minorities, including homosexuals.” When this earned applause, he continued, “these are liberal principles that liberals applaud for, but then when you say in…

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Biden apologizes to Erdogan for saying he acknowledged Turkey’s mistake in allowing jihadis to cross into Syria by Robert Spencer

We are not being told the truth about ebola transmission by the CDC

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Dear NaturalNews readers, We are not being told the truth about ebola transmission by the CDC. Their claim that ebola only spreads via “direct contact” turns out to be sheer doublespeak:

Infectious disease experts say we have just four weeks to get ebola under control or see it spiral beyond control:

Here’s a diet for healing from diabetes, even after you’ve tried everything else:

Scientists warn that humanity is now causing the sixth great extinction on our planet:

Farmers are suing Monsanto for contaminating their fields with GM wheat that’s not even approved for human consumption:

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White House official flies to Oklahoma City to read special thank-you note from Obama to beheader’s mosque by Robert Spencer

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obama wide-grin_1548848iThis is how it goes in America today: a Muslim screaming what were reported as “Islamic phrases” beheads one woman and is in the process of beheading another before he is stopped. The beheader’s Facebook page shows his allegiance to the Islamic State, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, etc. A former member of his mosque comes forward with information about how the mosque teaches jihad and Islamic supremacism. And then what happens? An investigation of the mosque? The imam questioned as to whether he knew the beheader, and the beheader’s phone and email records checked for contact with mosque leaders? An examination of the teachings of the mosque to see if the beheader was incited to violence by what he heard there? No. A White House official flies to Oklahoma City to read a thank-you letter from Obama to the mosque, so as to “reassure” Muslims in Oklahoma. Who is…

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