The Silent Intifada

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Posted: 06 Oct 2014 01:47 AM PDT

…The world watches Israel as it watches no other nation. One false arrest, one injury or death of an Arab during attempts to make arrests, will result in headlines and international protests. It feels safer to go easy. But it is exceedingly important for Jews to make their presence known in all parts of Israel’s capital; and they must be able to do so free of harassment or physical risk. Protecting its citizens is a primary responsibility of the government.

Arlene Kushner..
06 October ’14..

The perpetrators in the main of the new silent intifada are male Arabs, mostly young, with Jerusalem residency cards. They have the right to live in Jerusalem, and receive the perks of citizens, but – tellingly – for political reasons have declined to become full citizens.

With increasing frequency in recent weeks, they are out…

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