U.S. President In ABC Prime Time: ‘Right to Bear Arms’ in Constitution and ‘So Was Slavery’

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1. ABC, NBC Continue to Omit Coverage of Report Alleging WH Role in Prostitution Scandal

According to a report in The Washington Post, senior White House officials knew that an individual with the White House advance team had a prostitute spend the night with him as part of the 2012 Colombian prostitution scandal despite the White House previously denying any involvement during the official investigation. After failing to cover the story on their morning newscasts, ABC and NBC continued that blackout into their Thursday evening newscasts as well. The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley ignored the story as well, despite the network having aired a full report on Thursday’s CBS This Morning. http://www.mrc.org/biasalerts/abc-nbc-continue-omit-coverage-report-alleging-wh-role-prostitution-scandal

2. ABC and NBC Ignore Report Claiming White House Lied About Prostitution Scandal

On Thursday morning, the Washington Post reported that senior White House officials knew that an Obama volunteer hired a prostitute…

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East African Man Caught Trying to Cross Texas-Mexico Border

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Border Patrol warns of Ebola risk posed by unsecured border

Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley sector caught a man from an eastern African nation trying to cross illegally into the U.S. Wednesday night, an incident they say highlights the risk posed by the unsecured border particularly in the midst of an Ebola epidemic.

Though the man’s origin country, Etritrea, has experienced no reported cases of Ebola, multiple border agents told TheBlaze that Wednesday’s apprehension is not the first time they have caught illegal immigrants from Africa, nor what they called “special interest aliens,” those coming from countries with known terrorist ties or experiencing outbreaks of infectious diseases.

The problem, one agent explained, is that Border Patrol has been given no clear protocols on handling situations like the Ebola outbreak.

“We just don’t have the training to respond,” agent Albert Spratte told TheBlaze. “I got messages from guys…

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“Public Schools Introduce Islam” In Mississippi

WTF: Oregon’s First Lady admits she had a sham marriage with an immigrant for money

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It looks like things just got really, really awkward for Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber of Oregon. His fiancée, Cylvia Hayes, admitted yesterday to entering into a sham marriage with an immigrant for cash:

Read More: http://twitchy.com/2014/10/10/wtf-oregons-first-lady-admits-she-had-a-sham-marriage-with-an-immigrant-for-money/

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New York State: Tax cap grossly misleading

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Tax cap grossly misleading

Joseph Spector’s Sunday article on the governor’s race reported, “The Democratic governor has boasted about … instituting a tax cap that limits growth in property taxes to less than 2 percent a year.”

That statement is grossly misleading. Given the expenses that are left out of the cap calculation, many school districts have averaged property tax increases approaching or exceeding 3 percent a year since the cap was initiated. That is, they are approaching or exceeding the rate of inflation by 50 percent.

It is a broken system that foists such outrageous increases that benefit such a limited group on the general public.


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The night before mid terms! More than a dozen states plan 2 cancel health care policies not compliant with ObamaCare

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Now Playing Many ObamaCare cancellations expected just before midterms

More than a dozen states plan to cancel health care policies not in compliance with ObamaCare in the coming weeks, affecting thousands of people just before the midterm elections.

“It looks like several hundred thousand people across the country will receive notices in the coming days and weeks,” said Jim Capretta of the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

The policies are being canceled because states that initially granted a reprieve at the request of President Obama are no longer willing to do so.

In coming weeks, 13 states and the District of Columbia plan to cancel such policies, which generally fall out of compliance with the Affordable Care Act because they don’t offer the level of coverage the law requires.

SEE VIDEO AND READ MORE: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/10/09/more-than-dozen-states-plan-to-cancel-health-care-policies-not-in-compliance/?intcmp=latestnews#

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SURPRISE!! Teachers union challenges Common Core ‘gag order’

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Jon Campbell

Albany bureau

ALBANY — New York’s major teachers union sued the state Education Department late Wednesday, challenging whether the state’s “gag order” on educators who score or administer Common Core-based tests is constitutional.

The New York State United Teachers union filed the lawsuit in federal court on behalf of five teachers — including four from the Spencerport Central School District — in an attempt to have the statemandated confidentiality agreements thrown out.

The union argues that the state is infringing on teachers’ First Amendment right to free speech and 14th Amendment right to equal protection under the law by restricting them from discussing their concerns about specific questions on standardized tests. Under state law and policy, discussing the material on the exams is a punishableoffense.

“If teachers believe test questions are unfair or inappropriate, they should be able to say so without fear of dismissal or losing their…

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Dallas thought the same thing…Brooks: No reason to believe Ebola will hit Monroe

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Brooks: No reason to believe Ebola will hit Monroe

Patti Singer

Staff writer

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks said Wednesday there is no reason to believe there is a local risk for Ebola. Brooks briefed the media after participating with local officials from around the country in a conference call with President Barack Obama.

“When the president of the United States takes that step to talk to county leaders, state leaders, to me that’s a very significant event because that communication is going to be critical,” Brooks said.

Right off the bat, the president acknowledged, “you guys are on the front lines of public health every single day … And I thank you for that.”

The call lasted less than 10 minutes, according to a transcript provided by the White House.

Obama said federal and local officials would “have to be partners in this fight.” He pledged federal help to…

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BUYING THE VOTE: Cuomo proposes $500M broadband expansion upstate

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Cuomo proposes $500M broadband expansion upstate

Joseph Spector

Albany Bureau Chief

ALBANY — Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday proposed that the state spend $500 million to expand broadband access, mainly upstate.

It’s one of the first campaign pledges Cuomo has made as he seeks a second term Nov. 4 against Republican Rob Astorino, the Westchester County executive.

Cuomo said that if he’s re-elected, he would allocate $500 million for a “New NY Broadband Fund” that would make high-speed Internet available to all New Yorkers and businesses by 2018. He would look to get the private sector to match the $500 million.

“The next big challenge, especially for upstate New York in my opinion, is the availability of broadband,” Cuomo said at an event in Albany, where he received the state Business Council endorsement.

Cuomo said too many parts of New York, particularly rural areas, can’t compete in the global marketplace…

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