TBS: Austrian teens girls have tired of Jihad vacation

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Austrian teens

Tired of their Middle East vacation of beatings, sexual depravity by Muslim animals, and honor killings, two pregnant teens are ready to return to the real-world War on Women.

It seems the two now feel duped by their Muslim boyfriends-turned-husbands who convinced them to go to Syria so they could learn about the true “peace” of Islam by joining the jihad.

The girls now say it was a “mistake.” What? Like wearing white after Labor Day? Fighting against all you have been taught to believe to go fight jihad against the civilized world is a wee bit more than a mistake…jus’ sayin’! It’s not like these girls were not aware of what pigs {apologies to pigs} these men are:

Read more at http://theblacksphere.net/2014/10/austrian-teen-girls-tired-jihad-vacation/

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