White House Began Working Toward Islamic Caliphate Long Before Obama Became President (Busting the Myth Of The Most Peaceful Brand Of Islam)

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By Shoebat Foundation on October 11, 2014 in Featured, General, IkhwanLeaks
By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

Beneath the stealth of Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the west is an even more sinister and insidious level of deception that involves Sufi Islam and a brand of it known as the Naqshbandi Order. It is this order that the Brotherhood’s agents ultimately serve when they infiltrate western political systems, power centers and institutions, as they have been doing for years. Throughout the 1990’s and even after 9/11, both the Clinton and Bush administrations relied on Muslim Brotherhood front group leaders for outreach to Muslim communities. When that strategy proved problematic, the Bush administration began reaching out to Sufi Muslims like Hisham Kabbani, which has proven to be an even worse strategy.
Hisham Kabbani and then First Lady Hillary Clinton at the White House (photo via Phoenix Publishing).

Hisham Kabbani and then First Lady Hillary Clinton at the White House (photo…

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Ebola Spreads – Boyfriend of Sick Dallas Nurse Now Also Admitted to Hospital With Ebola Symptoms

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by Rick Wells

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CBS DFW in Fort Worth, TX reports that the boyfriend of Dallas nurse Nina Pham, who was infected with Ebola by Thomas Duncan, has now been hospitalized in what they insist is a precautionary measure.
The CDC confirmed on Sunday morning that one other person had been in close contact with Ms Pham after she became symptomatic and capable of transmitting the disease. That person, now revealed to be her boyfriend, was hospitalized on Sunday, the same day that her diagnosis was confirmed.
The boyfriend works for the Fort Worth company Alcon. A message to the staff was sent by their CEO in an effort to address their concerns both for the safety of their coworker as well as themselves.
Read More: http://gopthedailydose.com/2014/10/14/ebola-spreads-boyfriend-of-sick-dallas-nurse-now-also-admitted-to-hospital-with-ebola-symptoms/

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Busting the Canned Food Expiration Date MYTH

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Busting the Canned Food Expiration Date MYTH

Eagerly, you search through your food pantry to find a tasty treat. Fumbling with an assortment of packaged foods, you come across a can of beans. While your mouth waters with the promise of baked bean goodness, your eyes stumble across a familiar sight the sell-by-date. Checking the wall calendar, you notice the printed date was months ago. With a concern for safety, you throw the beans into the trash and continue your quest for food.
The above scenario is a common ritual throughout many households, but while you think you’re safeguarding your health by tossing an ‘expired’ can into the trash, you’re really wasting money.
One of the biggest misconceptions in our current society is the duration before canned foods become inedible. In fact, most cans don’t feature an expiration date, but rather a ‘for best quality use by’ date stamp. Next time you’re wavering on whether or not…

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INSANE CALIPSO LOUIE! The White Man Created Ebola To Kill Black People, Says Noted Scientist Louis Farrakhan

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Unlike many people, Dr. Leslie Lobel has not been shocked to hear about the current Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the largest ever recorded since the virus’s discovery in 1976 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (then Zaire). A Ben-Gurion University of the Negev virologist and a leader in the search for a cure for the devastating disease, Lobel had been predicting such an outbreak.
Well, you can relax, as long as your skin is white. That’s according to ” the 100 percent sane and rational Rev. Louis Farrakhan,” who explains it all:
Read More: http://dailycaller.com/2014/10/02/the-white-man-created-ebola-to-kill-black-people-says-noted-scientist-louis-farrakhan/

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