Top U.S. Aid Recipient Is Set to Hang a Christian Woman for Blasphemy

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Top U.S. Aid Recipient Is Set to Hang a Christian Woman for Blasphemy

By David French13 hrs. ago

Pakistan is a perennial recipient of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars. It’s an occasional ally/frequent enemy, sometimes actively conspiring against U.S. interests, sometimes actually firing on U.S. troops (incidents so notorious they now have their own Wikipedia page), and — of course — it’s the home of increasingly virulent jihadist extremism. And, no, this extremism isn’t confined to the fringes of Pakistani society but is sometimes even manifested in its appellate courts.
Last week, a Pakistani court of appeals upheld Asia Bibi’s death sentence for blasphemy. She’s a Christian and a mother of five.

Death. For allegedly saying bad things about Mohammed.



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Barbarism Doesn’t Deserve to be Humanized at The Met

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The Nazis are laughing at America from their graves right now, laughing at the Metropolitan opera because it has been duped and played a fool.

Why are we here today? Because we’re opera critics? No. It doesn’t take a professional critic to know that lyrics like “America is one big Jew” aren’t the least bit tasteful.

An opera that calls us “all kinds of filth” and accuses us Jews, of being greedy, sodomizing blasphemers with watches of solid gold and “getting fat wherever poor men are gathered.” Lyrics like that aren’t creative, they’re not even unique, and they’re shoddy plagiarism, recycled Islamist Nazi racist propaganda. It doesn’t take brains to put that kind of filth to music

Are we here because we don’t like free speech? The opposite. It’s the first amendment that gives us our right to assemble here, to protest, to express our disgust at how our taxpayer…

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Veterans’ graves vandalized – VIDEO

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Veterans’ graves vandalized

Updated: Tuesday, October 21 2014

Bergen, N.Y. – New York State Police are investigating after several cemeteries were hit by thieves who stole from the graves of veterans.

Nearly 400 U.S. American Legion flag holders are now missing from several cemeteries in Genesee County, mostly in the Bryon-Bergen region.

Someone made off with several bronze flag holders at Mt. Rest cemetery in Bergen. Dozens of other flag holders were moved.

“They could be used for scrap, who knows,” said Mt. Rest cemetery superintendent Joe Maconnell. “It’s very disrespectful to do that in a cemetery.”

Each flag holder has a five-inch, one-pound bronze medallion with the words “American Legion” in an outer circle and a Star with “U.S.” in the inner circle.

The medallion is held up with a 20-inch metal stake which has an arrow at its base.

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The trivialization of terror and terrorists, the Met and where it’s taking us – The Death of Klinghoffer

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Many people lack a factual understanding of events in our region because the media report them inadequately. We blog here because our daughter Malki, murdered at the age of 15 in a restaurant massacre in Jerusalem, was a victim of jihadist hatred and barbarism. For jihadism and terrorism to end in Israel, New York, Madrid, London and everywhere else, people first need to understand the scale on which it is happening and why. This ongoing war is killing us.

Denmark’s iconic Little Mermaid statue, draped in a hijab (background
is here via Al Arabiya)

The New York Metropolitan Opera, in a co-production with the English National Opera, began a run of John Adams’ 1991 opera The Death of Klinghoffer last night in Manhattan with a standing ovation and mixed reviews. Death is an artistic interpretation of the actual murder of Leon Klinghoffer, an elderly Jew confined to a…

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