Veterans’ graves vandalized – VIDEO

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Veterans’ graves vandalized

Updated: Tuesday, October 21 2014

Bergen, N.Y. – New York State Police are investigating after several cemeteries were hit by thieves who stole from the graves of veterans.

Nearly 400 U.S. American Legion flag holders are now missing from several cemeteries in Genesee County, mostly in the Bryon-Bergen region.

Someone made off with several bronze flag holders at Mt. Rest cemetery in Bergen. Dozens of other flag holders were moved.

“They could be used for scrap, who knows,” said Mt. Rest cemetery superintendent Joe Maconnell. “It’s very disrespectful to do that in a cemetery.”

Each flag holder has a five-inch, one-pound bronze medallion with the words “American Legion” in an outer circle and a Star with “U.S.” in the inner circle.

The medallion is held up with a 20-inch metal stake which has an arrow at its base.

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