Oklahoma man, 29, ‘drove a car into Ten Commandments monument, smashing it to pieces, because Satan told him to do it’

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  • Michael Reed Jr allegedly drove car into Ten Commandments monument 
  • Following day, he ‘made derogatory statements about President Obama’
  • Included threats to kill the President, as well as spitting on photo of him
  • Reed Jr said he destroyed monument ‘because Satan told him to do so’
  • Monument widely disputed since it was built at the State Capitol in 2012
  • Satanic group has since sought permission to create 7ft statue of Satan

A man has been arrested after allegedly driving a car into a Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma, smashing it to pieces, ‘because Satan told him to do it’.

Michael Reed Jr, 29, from Roland, Sequoyah County, is accused of deliberately running over the controversial six-foot structure outside the State Capitol building last night.

He then reportedly showed up at a federal building in Oklahoma City this morning, where…

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