More reasons to ignore the Main Stream Media (Lame stream imo)

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Definiely iindicative of propaganda…and most newspapers and magazines do
the same. Inflamitory photos and sensational headline, most
don’t bother to read the articles, which have little to do with the
photo or headline…
EXAMPLE: you would think these people are rioting because of Hottest time in World…except…

Expect More Violence As the World Gets Hotter

Expect More Violence As the World Gets Hotter
While New York City works to protect itself against rising sea levels and storm surges and California withers under devastating drought, another threat may be imminent in a warmer, more chaotic world: increased crime.
The link may seem tenuous, but the idea is nothing new. A paper published in The Quarterly Journal of Economics in 1917 drew a link between climate change, agriculture, and the fall of Rome. And years of intense drought have been implicated in the collapse of the once-mighty Mayan civilization.
“We have more and more evidence that climate affects…

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