New York hospital treating Ebola doctor suffers ‘staff shortage as nurses call in sick out of fear of being infected’

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  • Dr Craig Spencer was admitted to Bellevue Hospital Center on Thursday
  • He has been diagnosed with Ebola and is being treated in isolation ward
  • Earlier reports claimed hoards of health workers called in sick on Friday
  • They were allegedly fearful that they might become infected with disease
  • However, Manhattan-based hospital has now denied there was a sickout
  • Spokesman said nurses are willing treating Dr Spencer in teams of two
  • Victim’s fiancée, Morgan Dixon, has also been quarantined at the hospital
  • Two nurses in Dallas contracted Ebola while treating Thomas Eric Duncan
  • Mr Duncan, a 42-year-old Liberian, died earlier this month from the virus


Sophie Jane Evans for MailOnline

and Joel Christie for MailOnline

The New York hospital where the city’s first Ebola patient is being treated has denied claims that hoards of health workers have called in sick out of fear of contracting the deadly virus.

Bellevue Hospital Center…

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