DRINK, Fireball Recalled In Europe Because It Apparently Contains Antifreeze, NOT TAKEN OFF SHELVES IN AMERICA!!

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If you’re a resident of Finland or Sweden, say a temporary goodbye to the delicious cinnamon spiral into intoxication that is Fireball Whisky.

Fireball is cheap, effective and doesn’t make you hate yourself immediately, but the whiskey also contains propylene glycol. If the ingredient sounds familiar, that’s because it also has a home in soda and some types of antifreeze.

While the United States’ Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry authorizes the product assafe for consumption in small amounts, some European countries would rather be safe than sorry.

Sazerac, the brand behind Fireball, produces two versions of its trademark booze: one made for North American standards and one for European standards.

The kind normally shipped to Europe contains less propylene glycol. Due to a shipping mistake, that was not the kind sent to Finland, Norway and Sweden, among other European countries.

Alko, Finland’s statewide alcohol distribution service, withdrew Fireball…

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