Quarantines can’t contain Ebola if citizens are starving. Thousands break quarantine for food in Sierra Leone:

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Sierra Leone

Thousands break quarantine in Sierra Leone in desperate search for food

(NaturalNews) Even as health authorities begin to get a handle on the Ebola outbreak in the West African nations of Liberia and Guinea, where it began several months ago, the virus is spreading uncontrollably in neighboring Sierra Leone, as conditions there worsen all the way around.

In fact, as The Associated Press reports, lack of food is causing thousands of Sierra Leoneans who have been sealed off from the general public to break Ebola quarantine. According to several aid agencies, food deliveries are not reaching them, so they have been forced to go look for something to eat.

The AP notes that large sections of the country have been sealed to prevent the deadly virus from spreading. Many have been ordered to remain in their homes. The Sierra Leone government, with assistance from the United Nations’ World Food Program…

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Common Foods and Drinks Hiding the Antifreeze Compound

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by The Daily Meal | November 3, 2014 at 3:32 PM | Food, Health http://xfinity.comcast.net/blogs/lifestyle/2014/11/03/common-foods-and-drinks-hiding-the-antifreeze-compound/?cid=hero_medi


Propylene glycol, the ingredient that caused a recall of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky in Scandinavia, is in more common food and drink items than you’d think.

By Joanna Fantozzi Editor, TheDailyMeal.com
Propylene glycol is an organic chemical compound nobody talked much about until recently, when Fireball Cinnamon Whisky was pulled off the shelves in three Scandinavian countries for containing too much of the ingredient to meet European Union standards. The chemical is used as a solvent and as the primary ingredient in non-toxic antifreeze and as the “e-liquid” in e-cigarettes. Propylene glycol is considered safe by the FDA in small quantities, although it can be toxic in large doses. And it’s more common than you think. It’s widely used in food and drink products as a thickener and preservative, or to add…

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Want to Know Just How Close the Muslim Brotherhood Is to the Obama Admin? | Video

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See Video: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2012/04/26/want-to-know-just-how-close-the-muslim-brotherhood-is-to-the-obama-admin/

On Wednesday evening, GBTV unveiled a powerful documentary, “Rumors of War III,” exposing how radical Islamists, including the Muslim Brotherhood, are infiltrating American government at its highest levels. Above is a video clip from the program outlining some of the key players involved.
The following is an overview of each of the Islamist figures who have found their place — in some way, shape or form — at the Obama administration’s table.
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Want to Know Just How Close the Muslim Brotherhood Is to the Obama Admin?Arif Alikahn, Former Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Policy Development: Now a Distinguished Visiting Professor of DHS and Counterterrorism at the National Defense University, Alikahn also served as Deputy Mayor for Public Safety for the City of Los Angeles where he reportedly derailed the LAPD’s efforts to monitor the city’s Muslim community — particularly…

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