Quarantines can’t contain Ebola if citizens are starving. Thousands break quarantine for food in Sierra Leone:

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Sierra Leone

Thousands break quarantine in Sierra Leone in desperate search for food

(NaturalNews) Even as health authorities begin to get a handle on the Ebola outbreak in the West African nations of Liberia and Guinea, where it began several months ago, the virus is spreading uncontrollably in neighboring Sierra Leone, as conditions there worsen all the way around.

In fact, as The Associated Press reports, lack of food is causing thousands of Sierra Leoneans who have been sealed off from the general public to break Ebola quarantine. According to several aid agencies, food deliveries are not reaching them, so they have been forced to go look for something to eat.

The AP notes that large sections of the country have been sealed to prevent the deadly virus from spreading. Many have been ordered to remain in their homes. The Sierra Leone government, with assistance from the United Nations’ World Food Program…

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