Before the Chickens**t Hit the Fan by Sarah Honig

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Posted: 07 Nov 2014
…Diplomacy isn’t about sensibilities but about interests and it’s the distinct duty of Israeli leaders to safeguard the most vital existential interests of this country, the chickenshit notwithstanding.
Obama and Sarkozy in Cannes:
No hint of an apology ever came
from either Washington or Paris

Sarah Honig
Another Tack..
06 November ’14..

Gosh darn! Smack dab on the eve of a midterm election, US Secretary of State John Kerry phoned Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to almost sort-of say sorry for reported name-calling in high Administration places – ‘chickenshit’ comes to mind.

A morsel of humble pie, after all, is prescribed when one’s party suspects its headliners may have offended voters at the close of a crucial campaign.

So, is everything now peachy keen in our world all over again?

Maybe, if this were the only memorable outburst and if Obama’s administration were as forgiving as…

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