Bryant: Vatican City closer to Ebola outbreak than Kenya

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So what says the WordPress community? Fact…or fiction by the Vatican and Rochester Bishop.

1405524223000-ericabryant.jpg Erica Bryant, Columnist 7:49 a.m. EST November 8, 2014
Africa Ebola Map (2).jpg

(Photo: Provided by Anthony England )

A Catholic Courier article published this spring notes that the Diocese of Rochester depends on African priests to lead many of its churches.
“If it weren’t for these very generous guys, we would be in deep trouble,” said Father Edward Palumbos, director of priests personnel.
The diocese has repaid them with a travel ban that disregards both logic and compassion. “The Ebola epidemic demands a strong and reasonable response,” Palumbos wrote in a letter last month. The diocese’s response — banning personal travel to seven African countries and telling priests to stay away from the entire continent for good measure — is neither.

Consider that priests have been told to delay travel to a country like Kenya, which has had…

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