Healthy Florida girl paralyzed by flu shot

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Dear NaturalNews readers,

I’ve just posted a new video on the discovery of a sterilization chemical in vaccines. Watch it on Youtube:

Another young, healthy girl has been paralyzed by a flu shot. This time, it’s an innocent Florida girl who suffered acute brain swelling from the vaccine:

Evidence suggests Central American children crossing U.S. borders brought EV-D68 virus into the country:

Mercury fillings can lead to life-altering, debilitating conditions. If you’re living with amalgams, here’s what you can do:

Obama’s open borders caused D68 pandemic that infected thousands of U.S. children
(NaturalNews) The decision by the Obama Administration to leave America’s borders wide open and actually encourage illegal children from Central America to pour into the country earlier this year may have been the cause of the EV-D68 enterovirus epidemic…
Flu shot paralyzes healthy Florida girl
(NaturalNews) Sure, vaccines are safe — except…

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