The Bloody Hands of Edward Snowden

a12iggymom's Blog

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

The new Edward Snowden movie, Citizenfour,” was seen by about four people during the Saturday morning showing at the E Street Cinema in Washington, D.C. The film shows the former National Security Agency (NSA) analyst in Hong Kong, China, after arranging through encrypted messages to meet his collaborators and spill his stolen NSA documents. What the film describes is an espionage operation to damage America and our allies.
But our media don’t call it espionage.
For obvious reasons, Snowden’s most important collaborator and current sponsor, Russian President Vladimir Putin, doesn‘t make an appearance in the film.
Meanwhile, back in Russia—Snowden’s new home—another Putin critic, the Russian actor Alexei Devotchenko, has been found dead in a pool of blood. Authorities will probably blame the death on natural causes.
You won’t find Snowden demanding justice in that case. But Snowden may suffer the same…

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