Do not surrender to the redefinition of America

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Well, I’m back on terra firma and yesterday morning went for a run on land where I could feel my legs getting used to being on solid ground. The final sessions this past Saturday of the National Review post-election cruise were very insightful. They dealt with the topics of PC, progressivism on college campuses, and conservatism’s future. One of the key points consistent throughout was the concept of language being redefined. And so I pondered that point and as I did my four-mile run on Sunday many thoughts came to mind.
I immediately considered the quote often (mis-)attributed to George Orwell, “in a universe of deceit, truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
Think about what has been happening in our America. We speak of liberalism but is it really the true definition of liberalism as intended by John Locke? That of course is classical liberalism, which promoted the rights of…

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