Listen Rush Limbaugh – Gruber and Obama Are Identical, The Same Guy Lying To The Stupid People

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17 November, 2014 by Rick Wells

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Rush Limbaugh points to a question that was posed to Hussein Obama by Fox News’ Ed Henry at the press briefing which followed the G20 Summit and the Obama “Giveaway and Pander to Asia Tour.”
In his question Henry asked Obama to clarify the conflict between his remarks in Burma in which he promoted transparency and accountability in government while simultaneously having his own lack of transparency and accountability and his deliberate deception exposed by Jonathan Gruber.
He plays the Obama response and describes the laughable twenty-three second quote as possibly being the most jam-packed with lies of any twenty-three second “presidential” sound bite he’s ever played.
The lies include the “no” response to the question, followed by “I just heard about it,” “he’s just some advisor who wasn’t on our staff,” and “expressed an opinion I completely disagree with.” Limbaugh notes that he’s…

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