VIDEO: YES! White Milwaukee Police Chief passionately and courageously speaks TRUTH about black crime

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Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn is a voice of one crying out in the wilderness!

Recently Flynn was verbally attacked by local black activists who claimed that he and his department weren’t taking the recent officer-involved shooting death of Dontre Hamilton seriously enough.
Flynn was accused of insensitivity because he was on his cellphone during a Fire and Police Commission meeting related to the death of Hamilton. Unknown to the activists was that Flynn was receiving details of a drive-by-shooting that took the life of a 5-year-old girl as she sat on her father’s lap. The girl Flynn was referring to was Laylah Petersen– who was actually shot in the head while sitting on her grandfather’s lap.
Of course- just like the case of Ferguson, Missouri, charges of racism were being irresponsibly leveled at Flynn and his officers.


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