Will Governors use their Powers to Stop Obama? By Rabbi Aryeh Spero

a12iggymom's Blog

Barack Obama may pay lip service to working with Republicans, but we know he’ll ultimately attempt to ramrod policies he hopes will transform America, but which actually damage her. Mr. Obama came to America with a chip on his shoulder and that splinter remains despite Americans twice electing him. A man with a gracious and forgiving nature would have been moved by this outpouring; yet, despite all this, he seems unable to shed himself of his anti-Americanism, revealing a lack of charitable character.

So, how will Americans protect themselves from his arbitrary executive orders that undoubtedly fall beyond his Constitutional limits? How will we be saved from orders of a fascist nature rarely seen before in American history, such as wholesale amnesty, treaties designed to help Iran manufacture the nuclear bombs that will one day be used against us, or his tying the hands of law enforcement trying to stop…

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