Ghost Breitbart Non-Racistly Observes That The Blacks Just Love Looting & Rioting | Wonkette

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This one's bad enough that we need to bring in the puppy gifsSo, hey, you might call it kind of racist if a writer were to start off a column by saying something like this, mightn’t you:

Black America’s favorite past time is back on full display in Ferguson, MO, as looting and rioting breaks out after the fatal shooting death of an unarmed 18-year old by Ferguson law enforcement.

Well, you would in fact be wrong, because that sentence was written by Sonnie Johnson, an actual black woman, at Dead Breitbart’s Center For Decrying Black Hatred Of Whites, so there is not the least bit of pandering to stereotypes at all there, just a clear-eyed assessment of The Blacks’ basic inability to be civilized.


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