Newt Gingrich: Latest Obama Move ‘Greatest Threat to Freedom since King George III’

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Posted by Kristinn Taylor on Wednesday, December 3, 2014, 9:50 PM

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich took to Twitter Wednesday night to sound the alarm about President Barack Obama’s latest move to further his executive order amnesty power grab and to urge Congress to stop Obama immediately.
Gingrich was apparently responding to reports that the Obama administration announced it is hiring 1000 new permanent employees and contractors at a new office to process applications for Obama’s recently announced executive order amnesty for up to five million illegal aliens.

In three successive tweets Gingrich said:

“Obama funding new staff and offices without congressional approval is step toward kingship or dictatorship. He must be stopped now”
“Congress should only approve very short spending bill to set up fight in January on Obama unconstitutional power grab. No long term cr”
“Our entire constitutional structure is at stake. This new Obama…

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Soldier’s Christmas – Madison Rising, America’s most patriotic rock band, continues to inspire fans throughout the country. It’s latest release, Soldier’s Christmas

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Madison Rising, America’s most patriotic rock band, continues to inspire fans throughout the country. It’s latest release, Soldier’s Christmas, tells the story of a soldier deployed overseas during the holidays.
Just released, the song has already received glowing endorsements from soldiers and military families all over the country. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the song will be donated to Operation 300, which hosts adventure camps for the children of our fallen heroes.
Check out the video below and share it with all your family and friends:

Published on Dec 2, 2014

Click here to help bring our music to those who need it the most:
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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this song will be donated to Operation 300 (

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F-16 Fighter Pilot Has Brush with Death When Called To Intercept a Mysterious Russian MiG

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An F-16 just had a near-brush with death while on a mission to intercept a Russian MiG-31 in international airspace. NATO ally Norway has released the footage.
When the Norwegians spotted a Russian MiG off the northern Norwegian coast (where it shouldn’t have been), they sent an F-16 pilot investigate.


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Networks Obsessed Over GOP Staffer, Ignore Democrat’s Sex Assault

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Networks Obsessed Over GOP Staffer, Ignore Democrat’s Sex Assault

The same networks that hyped a Republican staffer’s comments about Barack Obama’s daughters are now ignoring the sexual assault conviction of a Democratic congressional aide. According to the Washington Post, Donny Ray Williams “pleaded guilty to third-degree sexual abuse, two misdemeanor counts of sexual abuse and one count of misdemeanor threats.” Williams was a staff director for the Senate majority and previously worked for panels run by Democrats as Mary Landrieu and Elijah Cummings. The conviction on Tuesday has received, so far, no coverage on ABC, CBS and NBC. MORE:

ABC Still Ignores Obama Donor/Former Soap Opera Producer Being Named Ambassador to Hungary

On Wednesday night, ABC became the only major broadcast network to not have covered the controversy over President Obama’s choice to name former soap opera producer and Obama reelection campaign bundler Colleen Bell the new United States…

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Duncan Hunter Calls For Investigation Of Bergdahl Cash Ransom – West/Hunter 2016

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Answers Needed On Bergdahl Ransom Payment

Bergdahl: Ransomed or no?

Bergdahl: Ransomed or no? View Enlarged Image

Oversight: A House Armed Services Committee member asks for a probe into reports that money was paid in a failed attempt to ransom alleged deserter Bowe Bergdahl. And where’s that Bergdahl investigation report, anyway?
Back on Oct. 16 we noted that the Pentagon had completed its investigation into Sgt. Bergdahl’s abandonment of his Afghan post. But the report by Brig. Gen. Kenneth Dahl would not be released, according to an Army spokesman, until the end of a review process that was likely to be conveniently lengthy, lasting at least until after the midterm elections.
It has now been over six months since Bergdahl’s May 14 release in exchange for five top Taliban commanders and a month since the administration’s electoral thumping. Yet the report has still not been made public.
It presumably contains a conclusion on whether…

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WHAT? Presbyterian Church USA Conspires With Hezbollah

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presbyterian churchBy Janna Brock
The Presbyterian Church USA is in jeopardy of losing its tax exempt status for its partnership with Hezbollah. In recently released documents by Israeli civil rights firm Shurat Hadin, some 38 documented pages provide proof that the church participated in activities that are strictly prohibited under IRS tax exempt rules and regulations. Following the PCUSA’s divestment from Israel in June 2014, whistleblowers from Shurat Hadin produced damning documentation that the PCUSA actively engaged with Hezbollah terrorists. Israel National News reports on the heinous activities of the church.
“Documentary and video evidence was sent to the IRS showing PCUSA delegates meeting with members of Hezbollah – which is designated by the US as a terrorist organization – as well as publishing anti-Semitic materials and passing around political advocacy materials in violation of its status.”
Upon divesting from Israel, the PCUSA has no right to call itself a…

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Updated: Thursday, December 4 2014, 12:47 PM EST

WASHINGTON (AP) – Obama administration officials are acknowledging that premiums, on average, will go up next year.

But the same officials say most current customers can still save money if they are willing to shop around a competitive marketplace.

In a report released Thursday, the Health and Human Services Department says premiums for the most popular type of plan will go up an average of 5 percent in 35 states where the federal government is running the health insurance exchanges.

However, the administration says more insurers are participating in the marketplace this year.

About two-thirds of current customers can still find coverage comparable to what they have now for $100 a month or less if they shop around. That’s taking into account the tax credits that most consumers are eligible for.

Photo Credit: URAC

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Online news sites to be blacked out during next major catastrophic event?

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(NaturalNews) According to what I’m hearing from several sources in my network of contacts, the U.S. government is putting systems in place to black out online news sites like Natural News, Drudge Report, The Blaze and many others. A practice run that took place earlier this week in California has already achieved this result and confirmed the technical ability to make it happen at will.

The recent outage of news sites experienced by internet users in California was reported by this article on and confirmed by The Washington Times, The Blaze and other sites. The Natural News reader service team also recorded numerous complaints from California users who were unable to reach our website even though our site was fully functional and serving pages worldwide.

What was especially telling about this outage is that it only affected online news sites while allowing other internet traffic to flow normally. This…

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‘IF YOU KNOW GUN ENTHUSIASTS, TURN THEM IN’: Austin Police Chief Says Cops Need To ‘Vet’ Gun Owners

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Written by Doug Giles on December 4, 2014

#‎APDSHOOTING‬. New details reveal that Larry Steven McQuilliams had more than 30 targets. Today, Police Chief, Art Acevedo, has a call to action for the community. Listen to a preview here and watch TODAY on the FOX 7 News Edge at 5.


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SEAL Veteran: Military Leaders Being Asked if They Will Disarm Americans…

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(PAUL JOSEPH WATSON) — Former Navy SEAL Ben Smith warns that the Obama administration is asking top brass in the military if they would be comfortable with disarming U.S. citizens, a litmus test that includes gauging whether they would be prepared to order NCOs to fire on Americans.

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